Makeup design

by Kennedy Dunlap

Awards for makeup

Makeup Artist Guild Awards

Best Makeup Artist Award for Special Effects

Academy Award for Make Up Artist

Shape’s Beauty A\wards

RAW Makeup Artist of the Year

Art schools such as

Cinema school- for special effects makeup

Academy of Freelance

Academy of makeup arts

Requirements you will learn

  1. Sanitation
  2. Air brushing
  3. Designs
  4. Skin tones
  5. Bridal makeup
  6. Color choices


  1. Communicating with clients to clarify visual requirements
  2. Making initial design sketches and drafting initial notes
  3. Maintaining an up-to-date knowledge of make-up and beauty products
  4. Maintaining awareness of health and safety issues and legislation
  5. Making sure that the individual is not allergic to any of the products
  6. Making facial and body moulds and sculpting prosthetics
  7. Reading scripts to find the materials for the look required
  8. Knowing how long a subject will take to do makeup
  9. Working Quickly and accurately i time-pressured conditions
  10. Taking detailed notes and photographs of work, maintaining an up-to-date portfolio of work.

Who do makeup artist report to and work with?

Make up artist are mostly self employed. When working in movies make-up artists have had to combine their art with film-making technology to have special effects just right.