Storm Runners

By Roland Smith

Chase Masters --A Survivor

Will Chase stay alive in a hurricane with two friends.
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Storm Runners is about a boy named Chase Masters. Ever since Chases dad got struck by lightning and his mom and sister car accident he had a to go bag with him. His dad has a job of helping people get ready for storms. There friends let them park there semis at there farm. A farm that is a farm that's for retired circus animals and winter quarters for circus animals. The storm there helping with is a hurricane named Emily and the hurricane is a category 5. The way home to school and the bus is lifted into the air and into the water. All friends live bus drive gets killed. Now trying to survivor what the hurricane throws at the 3 friends. Swimming for a friend chase that he finds now the other friend needs help. But shes a good swimmer. All the time chase and his friends are trying to stay alive Chases dad is try to find him. The 3 friends out water and on a quad to there house. Found one of the friends gamma.

Best Quotes From Storm Runners

"The ponchos and blanket he was wearing were little help in this weather. Wet suits would have been better."

Chase stared ahead in horror. "That's not gator it's a Tyrannosaurus rex."

"That wind going to scare the baby right out of her' Momma Rossi shouted above the noise.

product Details

  • Age Range: 8-10
  • Grade Level:3-4
  • Paperback:143 pages
  • Publisher: Scholastic press
  • Language: English

Editorial Review

I think you should read this book because there a lot of adventures. Also there a lot of surprises that could scare you. There also a bit of emotions in this book. The one thing I did not like about this book is the beginning. It was a bit boring in till the storm starts

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