African Americans Finally Freed

January 31, 1865

Today congress has officially abolished slavery in the U.S. This is a huge victory for the North and the now freed slaves. This amendment actually gave slaves freedom not like the emancipation proclamation(September 22, 1862) which gave slaves the right to run from their masters.
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Inside scoop with Abe Lincoln

Abe Lincoln as we all now was commander in chief during the civil war & president. He said during that time "The whole fabric of southern society must be change, without this, the government can never be-as it has never been-a true republic".He also says he planning to pass more amendments to the constitution but not sure if he is gonna win congress's support.

Not really freedom

Even with the African Americans free they still get major hate from whites, especially in the south. The cant make good wages, find a good job, or even a place to live. Even if this is a step in the right direction we need someone to help the freed slaves from the transition from slavery to freedom.

Was it really worth it

At the end of the day the question remains; was it really worth it? It's better than slavery of course but if these people are going through all this trouble, making societies that are about white supremacy, limiting jobs for blacks, killing them. Is it worth it to resort back to slavery to fix everything? I don't know the answer but think about it.

-Entry made by: Zakariye Hassan