Tundra Food Web

The Tundra is one of the many Biomes most people know of. But do you know the Food Web for the Tundra? The food web begins with producers such as Lichens. Next is the Primary Consumers including, Carribou. The next group are Second level consumers which can include Artic Foxes. The top of the food web is the 3rd level consumers. Which are Polar bears, Artic Wolves, and Snowy Owls. Finally all of these organisms are broken down by Decomposers. In the Tundra, there are many animals you are familiar with sich as Brown Bears. Also the tundra is full of animals that have adapted to the Biome to try and stay alive from Predator and to make it easier to catch prey.

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How do humans impact the Tundra?

Humans impact the tundra in many ways. But some of the major ways are Pollution from industries and hunting for fossil fuels. Industries let out smoke pollution and also let out oil or other harmful liquids into streams, rivers, or lakes. This can cause the air to be harmful and also take away drinking sources from animals by dumping liquids into there water source. Permafrost causes hard working conditions and makes it more harmful by drilling more pipelines and to build factories.

Tyson Gray