Junk food

should be banned

should junk food be banned at school ?

Junk food is very tasty but it must be banned for young children. It is not healthy for growing children because they can get sick, decay your teeth by soft drinks and you can also get heath problems which are very dangerous.

allargies and sickness

First of all,it can be dangerous for children who have allergies and children who are more sensitive and can get easily sick. If some kids get sick,the sickness can spread and other kids can get sick ,and parents would surely hate this. If the weather suddenly gets cold and chilly,children can get a bad throat and if they eat junk food like hotdog,pineapple juice etc. They will now get a even bad throat.

Soft drinks

In addition, there are lots of chemicals in soft drinks, cold drinks like coco cola etc. These chemicals are definitely good for young children.These drinks also have a lot of suger in them which is very bad for your health. Soft drinks can make acid in your teeth and if children drink a lot of soft drinks and that will decay your teeth. The acids can spread and you can decay more of your teeth.


Also, taking care of your health is very important. Junk food has lots of sugars in it, caffeine,lots of coco,etc. These things are definitely not good for growing children. Junk food can also cause health problems for young children. Sugar's can make children obese and if they eat lots of it it can even get diabetes,which is very bad. So,children's health are in danger if they eat a lot of junk food.


Finally, I belive junk food must be banned at school for young children. If children don't eat junk food they will stay healthier, and will have stong teeth. So,junk food must be bannedfor children at school.
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