3B Newsletter

March 2015

We are Mathematicians!

We learned all about fractions throughout Unit 8.

We can:

- find fractions of a set

- write fractions of a region

- identify fractions on a number line

- use <, >, and = to compare fractions

- write and read improper fractions and mixed numbers

The Unit 8 Fractions Assessment will be Thursday, March 26.

Review packets will go home today.

We also learned 2-digit multiplication using the lattice algorithm. Ask your child to teach you this method.

Looking ahead:

We will continue to practice and expand our knowledge of multiplication and division throughout the next unit, Unit 7. Please continue to encourage your child to practice his or her multiplication facts each night! Please look for the Unit 7 letter in your child's Take Home folder later this week.

Multiplication Quiz: Friday, March 27th

Click here to learn how to do lattice multiplication!

Click: 1. free resources 2. algorithms in Everyday Mathematics 3. grade 3 4. Muliplication 5. Lattice Multiplication

We are Readers and Writers!

We wrote speeches to change the world.

Here are techniques we know all opinion writers use:

1. Develop an idea.

2. Write a thesis.

3. Write reasons that support the facts.

4. Consider your audience.

In computer lab, we are publishing our work using PowerPoint. We will show them to you at Expo!

Now that we know how to write speeches, we are using similar skills and strategies to write persuasive letters and petitions.


Biography Projects

In Library last week, third graders learned about biographies and chose a famous person to research. In class this week, third graders will read about their famous person and record important facts about him or her. Additionally, the students will read about their famous person for homework each night.

Please remind your child to come to school with his or her biography book each day.

After reading and collecting facts, the students will use their notes to write their own biography book. This project will be completed in school over the course of the next few weeks.

Thank you for your help and support! :)


Spelling Test: Wednesday, March 25th


We are Chemists!

We learned all about controls and variables throughout the chemistry unit.

We collected all the data, and now we are ready to make our final predictions. We are creating acrostic and concrete poems to show our predictions and scientific observations.

We can't wait to find out what the mystery chemicals really are. We will find out soon!

Lenape Lifeways

Lenape Lifeways Educational Programs, Inc. is visiting the third grade this Wednesday morning. We cannot wait to learn about the Lenape culture!

Poet of the Week

Peter: March 26

Cole: April 13

Mary: April 21

Carolyn: April 29

Star of the Week

Charlie: March 23

Caroline: April 13

Jonathan: April 20

Maeve: April 27

Field Trip!

Rowan University Planetarium 3/31

  • Please return permission slips by Thursday.
  • If you are interested in chaperoning the trip, return the form by Thursday. Chaperones will be selected by lottery. Thank you!
  • Pack a bagged lunch for Tuesday, March 31. We will eat at school when we return.