Midwest Tourism

It's Effect on the Economy, By,Kaila, Jack, Nate

Central Region: Focus on Midwest Tourism

We began our research by asking:

  • "How does tourism connect with economy in the Central region?"
  • "What makes the Central region special?"

We think the economy is connected to tourism in the Midwest because it creates jobs.

Mall of America level layout

Mall of America (MOA) is located in Bloomington, Minnesota.

Mall of america is a multicultural center with 4 floors:

  • First Floor: General Shopping
  • Second Floor: Architecture
  • Third Floor: Artifacts and Memorials
  • Entertainment and Activities which includes Nickelodeon water-park and,rollercoaster

Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore is located in the Black Hills of

South Dakota. These are the reasons special president are on Mount Rushmore.

Washington is on for the birth of America.

Jefferson is on for the growth of America.

Lincoln is on for the preservation of America.

Roosevelt is on for the development of America. When people learn about this they tell other people and then those people go to Mt. Rushmore, this is how tourism grows.

Fishing in the Midwest

Fishing is a big part of tourism and economy in the Midwest because many people come to the gulf of Mexico to enjoy the fishing and the local boating in the area. Tourism is a part of the boating, and lots of people love to eat the fish as well as catching them.

Our Concluion

We thought that economy connected to tourism because tourism makes jobs,

but we figured out that economy connects with tourism because,

people make money off of economy. Money attract jobs and jobs are a way of economy.