Mr. L's Newsletter

Week of September 22-26

Last Week Summed Up!

Last week went great as we started using the online textbook and began learning about Scientific Method. It seems like everybody was able to log onto the textbook with out any issues! We ended the week with a Slime Lab, which the students absolutely loved. We even got to test out a "Mr. L's" Hypothesis to see if the Slime would reach from the 2nd floor to the 1st floor with out breaking! Spoiler Alert ~ the slime made it.

This Week's Plans

Monday: Scientific Method Packet

Tuesday: [Pre-Ap] Variable Foldable/Reading Chapter 1 Lesson 2 [Regular] Vocabulary Worksheet/Reading Chapter 1 Lesson 2

Wednesday: Ice Man Demonstration, Paleozoic Puzzle, Iceman's Last Journey

Thursday: Penny Lab

Friday: Kahoot Review, Variable's Quiz

Looking Forward to Next Week:

  • Next Friday we have 1st 6 week's Test, which will cover everything from Lab Safety to Scientific Method/Variables. We will review the day before with a review sheet.

Geddit APP

We will be using the Geddit App this Wednesday in class. Students will have ipads available for use. If you wish to download the app on your own device, its free. Please make sure you download the Geddit Student Version. This app is also web-based so it can be accessed through the internet browser. Students will create a login using their Google gmail account issued by the school.


I will continue to update grades on Skyward. If you see that your child has a missing assignment or low test grade, then please send them in to tutorials as soon as possible. Remember if a student does not turn in their homework on time, then they have 2 days to get it in for a 70. All formative assessment grades are final, but summative grades can be retested for a 70. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Tutorials may help your child have a better understanding of concepts BEFORE Quizzes and Tests.

Tutorial Schedule

Monday: 8:30-8:55

Tuesday: None, but you can always got to Mrs. Payne or Mrs. Lester 8:30-8:55

Wednesday: 8:30-8:55

Thursday: 8:30-8:55

Friday: 8:30-8:55

Website Updates

Website Updates are coming in this week. What to watch out for:

  • Online Textbook Information
  • Calendar Updates
  • Google Classroom Code changes every week
  • Geddit APP Information

Reminder Check out for Google Classroom Reminders or downloadable Homework Sheets.