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Baby Boom!

During 1940 to 1960, as soldiers returned home to the states from world war ll, they settled into family life. They had an unprecedented population explosion known as the baby boom. A baby boom is any period marked by a greatly increased birth rate. This generation of people is known to be the largest yet in our nations history. During the most productive years of the baby boom an infant was born every seven seconds a total of 4,308,000 that year. Approximately 79 million babies were born during the baby boom. Men also outnumbered women three to one The babies of the boom grew up with Woodstock the Vietnam war, and John F. Kennedy as president.


In the 1950s prosperity benefited many Americans but also created widespreads poverty. More than one-fifth of the nation's population was below the poverty line:some in desolate rural conditions as migrant workers, others in the crowded and dirty slums of American cities. Wealthy whites moved to the suburbs, while cities struggled exhausting their funds to attempt providing social servieces to an increasing number of poor urbanites. The urban poor now included an increasing number of Hispanic-Americans and Native Americans who went to the cities in search of work when unable to find it in rural areas. The needs of these groups went unanswered and the condition of hte cities rapidly deteriorated.