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Intern Education Developments at Northwestern

Change is Good, Right?

Recently, the University graciously offered early retirement for those who are eligible, and we are both sad and glad to announce that two long-time members of our department have taken advantage of this early retirement. Ms. Mary Berg, Clinical Experiential Education Coordinator will be finished June 1, 2015, and Dr. Warren Moe, Clinical Education Department Chair will be finished August 15, 2015. We are immensely thankful for their leadership in our department, and quite frankly will be irreplaceable. Yes, we will have new team members joining the helm for clinical education and will keep you posted when that happens, but there is no substitute for a Ms. Berg - one of the best at ensuring top notch internships, mentoring the students, and seeing to it that requirements for the CCE are met and Dr. Moe, whose ability to match intern to CBI doc was almost uncanny. Many of us go way back with Dr. Moe, who taught us at NWCC. Both of these individuals will be sorely missed, but we wish them the absolute best in their retirement! Good luck, Mary and Warren. May retirement be everything that you have hoped it to be!

Welcome to the New Chiropractic Dean, Dr. Trevor Foshang

Life has a funny way of bringing you full circle - from graduating in 1998 to the new Dean of the Chiropractic College at NWHSU, we introduce you to Dr. Trevor Foshang. Dr. Foshang grew up in Thunder Bay Ontario and practiced with his personal mentor, Dr. Patrick Manduca until 2005, when he moved to Dallas to take a faculty position with Parker University. He held positions including radiology residency director, and director of clinical radiology at Parker University, and most recently served as the chair of the Department of Clinical Sciences since 2008.

Foshang also comes to the position with more than 10 years of experience as a chiropractic radiologist interpreting musculoskeletal diagnostic image studies, plain film, CT and MRI for referring doctors and patient management.

“As a student in the world of chiropractic, I really gravitated toward evidence-based material, and radiology is very well-established in that — it transcends many different professions; many of the professions use radiology consultants to help manage their patients,” Foshang said. “It speaks to my interest in providing the best possible care for the patient.”

Foshang has owned and operated two chiropractic clinics, and he also currently owns a radiology consulting practice. In service to the chiropractic profession, he has done extensive work with the American Chiropractic College of Radiology, where he has been a member for 12 years and served on its executive leadership team for the past five years as vice president and president. He currently holds the Past President title on the leadership team.

Dr. Foshang began the dean position on April 1, 2015 - he states the he is most looking forward to "...improving organizational health at Northwestern, he said, and wants to create a level of trust, clarity, accountability and shared purpose among the college community. “Another thing that’s clearly important for me as I step into this role is advancing the profession in its most basic form,” Foshang said. “We need to truly push the envelope of what chiropractic is, advancing it. This means we do more in our community to get the word out, so to speak, but we also look at research opportunities to help provide an increase in the body of knowledge of what chiropractic does for patients.”

Welcome Dr. Foshang

EIP Modules - Thank you!

eMedley - Almost as Righteous as Bill Medley ;-)

Okay, I know that it was a bit of a stretch to connect those two, but I can't help but think of The Righteous Brothers and Bill Medley every time I see the word "eMedley," We hope you are getting up to speed now with our new online record-keeping system for the interns. The Spring term of beta testing proved to be very successful - many doctors have been reporting back how much they are enjoying the online recording (versus signing off on paperwork) and now in the summer, we will completely switch over to online verification of your intern's necessary requirements.

Clinical Education is refining the placement process - one of the features of the eMedley software program that students and supervisors have used this term to track requirements also contains a scheduling feature. The information on your CBI application has been entered into eMedley. Now, students will be able to search the CBI/eMedley database and rank their choice of supervisors (beginning with the Fall Term.) Your clinic information, practice profile and teaching style will be available for students to see and to contact you if they wish to set up a shadowing appointment! We are hoping that this allows for more interaction by the doctors and potential placements by giving you the opportunity to meet ahead of time before placement begins. During the Summer term, only those doctors who wish to have an intern for the Fall term will have their information made available. We are very excited to provide these new features (scheduling opportunities) to the students! As administrators, we'll still be able to make changes to the student's final placement. The CBI doctors will also have the ability to request both the number and names of the students you'd like to mentor.

I know that it is important to stay up to date on authorizing necessary items such as adjustments, x-ray reports and complex cases - fortunately, we have emails reminding us of timetables and what still needs authorized, as well as Mrs. Julie Erickson and her fantastic communication with us this past spring on what was due and when. As a reminder, by the 5th of the following month, the previous month's signatures and authorizations are due. And all paperwork must be approved before the last day of the term because the intern receives a grade for that term, and the grade determines the ability to move on to the next term. Mrs. Erickson wanted me to relay that all of you did a great job regarding Assessment of Meta Competency Outcomes (AMCO). This formerly was the "Gold sheet" packet stapled and sent to you that you filled out, went over with your intern and returned by mail. It's very nice to be able to complete them online now, and mostly everyone has turned theirs in to date! Any questions or concerns, Mrs. Erickson is your go-to person. She knows eMedley like the back of her hand and can help you with any issues you may be having. Thank you very much!

One size does NOT fit all when it comes to mentoring - Shade of Gray

This past term, I mentored two interns at once. Now I realize that for many of you, this is not earth shattering, but it is something I rarely do. Through some circumstances of an intern needing one more shift because of the other chiropractor in our office didn't have enough hours due to the student's schedule, I mentored this additional intern one day a week. It's an interesting dynamic, as you know that you have your manual of how you orient, train and work your interns into clinic when you've been doing it for awhile (I've been taking interns for 20 yrs - GOOD GRIEF, that's the first time I've put it out there,) but no where do we learn how to teach different personalities - how to foster growth in a non-confident intern when the other intern that you have is to balance one intern being a superior adjustor to the other to have difficult conversations with one intern over her "less than professional" behavior while the other intern never needs a discussion from you. I realized that you just simply can't have a cookie-cutter approach to mentoring interns. Yes, there are some basics that can be passed from term to term, or intern to intern but when it comes right down to it, each intern is a unique individual coming to you with his/her strengths and weaknesses, passions, fears and abilities and it is completely up to you to foster them, teach them, encourage them and work them into your office flow. There were days when the three of us would be together and I would quiz them on a recent new patient, asking for differentials, and one intern would be rapid fire and the other would look at me like I had a third eyeball? Some days one intern would say something so incredibly crass and unprofessional that I had to take over managing the situation in front of the patient and ensure that the other intern held it together because we both couldn't believe what we just heard?! What this has taught me is that difficult conversations must ensue if growth is to occur, and that no matter how many interns you have at once (or have had in the past) each presents a unique set of skills and personality that must be individually addressed. I recently said goodbye to these two interns of 8 months each, and received lovely parting gifts from them, including a thank you note from one of them who stated "Thank you for the tough love." She put it kindly! There were days when I felt like all I was giving her was tough love - I want her to be her best (face it - we want ALL of our interns to be their best AND to be better than we even are) and that frequently, for this particular intern, included many difficulty conversations and tough love. I encourage you to continue to remember that each intern needs your guidance, your mentorship, your love and most of all your support. As we say, they are D.D. Palmer when they arrive at your office, but they better be pretty close to at least B.J. when the leave;-)

New: Gift Cards are Replacing the Coupon Books

Starting this summer, if you receive an intern you will be getting a preloaded gift card to use at your discretion for all of the services you have received in the coupon book. This card will have a $299 cash value, and can be used for Northwestern sponsored continuing education courses, shopping at the book store, and library searches. Keep in mind that all paper coupons will have an expiration date of 12/31/2016, and that all gift card you receive will expire at the end of the following year. So this summer's gift card will be good until 12/31/2016. We are hoping that this transition serves you even better as our small thank you for your mentoring of interns.