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Today, I woke up and got dressed,did every thing a girl usually does in there morning routine. Afterwards caught the bus to school.When I got to school I ate breakfast with my three friends Jessica,Jose and Alexia. We sat and talked about things etc. Next, the bell rang and we went to class. I waited the whole day to go home. Finally they called for second round of buses. I got home and snaked on some chips till my mom made dinner. Around 8:30 my mom and I went to the gym to work out. After the gym we went home and took showers and went to bed.


Today, I woke up late. My mom woke up rushing me to get dressed. I was lucky enough to still catch the bus on time. Finally, the bus arrived and I ran outside to get on. I got to school and barely had time to eat. Then I went to class. After school, my grandma came to pick me up to take me to the mall. At the mall i got some news shirts and pants. Afterwards I went home and got ready to start a new day.


Thursday, March 24th, 9pm

Bryan, TX, United States

Bryan, TX

Today I woke up as usual and got ready for the day. I went to school and went to all my classes did everything that was expected of me. When I got home from school, I took a nap. When I woke up my grandma was at my house. My mom asked for my progress report, so i gave it to her. My grandma was proud cause I made good grades so she took me to Wings N More.


Today,is a new day and our last day of school till next week. I got dressed and went to school like a normal child would. We spent most of our time on math because Monday is our starr testing. Any who's, as usual I go to all my classes and work. It was a good day. I got out early to go to a dental appointment. After I went home took a nap. Then woke up and watch the aggie basketball game and ate tacos. Next,took a shower layer in bed watched Net-flex and played on my phone till I fell asleep.


Today, we don't have school so like any school child would I slept in. My mom woke me up and my other brother and sister so we could get ready to go my little cousin birthday party. It was fun. Got to see most of my family and spend time. We stayed there all day so when I got home I was tired. Then, when we went home I took a shower and went straight to bed.


Today, I woke up early actually everybody did. All my brothers and sisters had to help my mom clean up the house for the pre Easter party we have every year. Around 1:30ish everybody started showing up. Finally after a while we ate and my cousin and I chilled. We also even dance to cumbia (spanish music) with out parents. Around 8 all the kids had to go inside because it was 'aldut time". Like 5 min later and my cousin Leanna, Aj and I sneeked out side to watch my tia's and tio's get drunk. It was so funny. It was a great time.


Everybody woke up a little late because of lastnight. We had to hurry to get dress so we could go to my grandma house and do Easter. My step dad and other kids left early while me and my mom stayed behind to finish the rest of the eggs. Then finally we got done and we headed out. When we got there i saw most of my tios and tias. We ate and talked about memories and etc. Then we hid the eggs for the little ones. Its was fun to watch them pick and find the eggs. We even played some little games with the kids. It was a fun time with my family and again our parents got drunk and dance.

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