3 for Thursday

September 22, 2016

1. Sounds From the Past

I love this article from Mental Floss highlighting eleven sounds that are pretty much "extinct". These would make great compare/contrast writing prompts for your students! All are embedded YouTube videos, so open them directly in YouTube to grab the embed code yourself and insert into any itslearning page or assignment. I've created an itslearning assignment for the rotary dial telephone video that I can share with you if requested. I really love the flash cube commercial!
green rotary phone dialing

2.Write About

Write About is a community of writers working together to help each other improve. If you like using picture prompts, this site has a TON of them. Students can write their response to the prompt and make an audio recording if they have access to a microphone. The teacher can provide individualized feedback seen only by the student. But if the teacher chooses to make posts viewable by other class members, students can comment on the work of their peers. A teacher/classroom account is free with up to 40 free student accounts, but posts (stories) are limited to three per student. Check it out with a free account and if you love it, I can help you find funding. Although students are unable to join Write About without a Teacher Code, you will still need parental permission to use the site with students under the age of 13.

3. Everything's Coming Up Pumpkins!

Fun Facts About Pumpkins (Even if you don't need facts about pumpkins, you can use these to craft some seasonal number stories.)

Creative Pumpkining (Look for new uses for pumpkins. Cinderella's pumpkin was used as a coach. But have you ever heard of a pumpkin boat? Challenge your class to brainstorm new and unusual uses for pumpkins!)

Pumpkins Galore! (I wish this was in our town! Have students read about the attractions, then use their imaginations to write about visiting Pumpkins Galore.)

Pumpkin Chuckin' (Well, I don't usually recommend things from TPT, but this just sounds like a lot of fun while learning. I bet you can figure it out on your own and save the three bucks.)

Oldie But Goodie (Carve a virtual pumpkin! Have students take a screenshot, paste it into a Google Doc, and write a story, poem, or letter.)

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