Spotlight on Strategy: Skype

Using MysterySkype to teach criticial thinking.

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Teachers are challenged across the globe to teach kids to think critically on their feet. The best way to do that is through authentic, real-world experiences. Using Skype, you can give your students a real world experience to problem-solve as a team in a fun, engaging and exciting hour of learning.
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Connecting Maine and Delaware

In the image above, fourth grade students in Maine work together to create "yes or no" questions for the class on the video screen. These fourth graders are using deductive reasoning skills, maps, and other tools to try to figure out where in America the other class lives. Unforgettable experiences: that's what we should give to our students.
Mystery Skype: Connecting Classrooms Around The World

How can you bring MysterySkype to your classroom?

1. Tweet a #MysterySkype request using the hashtag on Twitter.

2. Contact your technology integrator or librarian to help you host.

3. Check out the Skype in the Classroom link above to find out more.

4. Spread the word in your district to get more teachers involved.


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