By: Ethan

How is a Fire devil a natural disaster?

Well, since a natural disaser is a non-manmade disaser that destroys everyting in its path. A fire devil could be a natrual disaster because it does destroys everythng in its path. That is true because a fire devil is a tornado that has got into a raging fire, and as we know a tornado is a natrual disaster and this is just a tornado in a fire and so a fire devil could have a power of a Ef-5 and fire combined.

How does a fire devil work?

Whirlwinds, dust devils in fact, are related.They all serve as examples of atmospheric vortexes-air masses that spin abut eiter a horizantal or verical axis. Vorticies can range to the size of a building. But alll such storms are related because they involve a mass of air spinning rapidly

How is a fire devil diffrent from a regular tornado?

Fire devil facts differ most singnificantly from that of regular tornadoes in that they form through an entirily diffrent process. While regular tornadoes form in the sky due to cloud systems, fire devils actually form on the round due to extreme temperatures. Fire devils are created when the extreme temperatures of a fire created a updraft of air, allowing the fire to travel upwards and form a spiral pattern. These fire devils typically last only for a few minutes, although the strongest have been known to perpetuate for half an hour.

Story of a fire devil

There are some stories of Fire devils inflicting alot of damage. One occuance hapend in Tokyo , Japan. Where after a earthquake a fire devil killed over 38,000 people in less than 15 minutes! Unlike regular tornado's you have added he danger of a fire whirling around you that is why being in a fire devil is worse than being in a regular one.