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Leadership Issue September 2015

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A very comforting piece of advice received while in chiropractic school was that clinical practice is called “practice” for a reason. Refining a skill set and developing clinical excellence is an iterative process the best clinicians cycle through over the course of a career. This wisdom was of great relief when I was struggling with the mechanics of the C-T junction during adjusting lab, or failed to identify a lesion in radiology class. I knew that with practice, best evidence resources, and the mentorship of colleagues, I would be well prepared to see patients.

Leadership is no different. The word itself makes it sound as if leadership is a pinnacle or place at which one arrives. The term “leader-practice” would be more accurate. Leadership is supported by a skill set you continue to hone as you encounter different personalities, contexts, challenges, and opportunities. What better time to develop this skill set, make mistakes, and get guidance from peers and mentors than as a student?

SACA provides an incredible opportunity to practice leadership—while making an incredible impact on the future of the profession in the process. There are limitless ways, both big and small, to be a leader within SACA. Many members lead within their respective chapters, volunteering for SACA service projects, raising awareness about policy issues, or welcoming other students into the largest chiropractic professional student association. Others lead as chapter officers, organizing events or representing the ACA on their campuses. A growing number are leading on a national level, shaping organizational policy and inspiring the next generation of chiropractic. While the scope of involvement and investment in time or resources may vary, there are two consistent threads throughout these SACA students’ experiences. One, chiropractic is better for their involvement. Two, they are practicing leadership.

There are many rewards to being a leader: the moment you realize a speech you’re delivering resonates with your audience; passing a policy on an issue you are passionate about; receiving praise or acknowledgement for a job well done. These successes give a leader energy and inspiration to continue their work. On the other hand, it is the difficult conversations, the struggle against obstacles, the persistence that is needed to do the work necessary to make a good idea reality—these are examples of leadership. They aren’t showy moments, there are few accolades, and frankly can leave you feeling exhausted or defeated. They are, however, exactly the times you need to practice. Practice giving compliments and constructive feedback; practice communicating “why” and not just “what” and “how”; practice engaging a variety of stakeholders; practice finding common ground when there is discord.

The 12th annual SACA Leadership Conference is a unique event to learn these skills, see leadership modeled by the titans in our profession, and practice them in a supportive environment. We are all students of leadership. Practicing now will empower you to be the leader in practice you aspire to be today.

Submitted by Dr. Michele Maiers, DC, MPH, PhD.

The Leadership Conference Stats

96 Students

15 American Chiropractic Colleges

PLUS Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College

2 Spectacular Conference Planners

1 Lori Hall!

Get to Know a SACA Member

The Dynamic Duo!

These two guys have SACA spirit in their bones! This month we would like to recognize Bryan Kent and Stephen Laski for their dedication. These guys traveled to Florida for The National by the Florida Chiropractic Association. They are willing to travel to spread the message that SACA leaders are the present future. Together they are powerful and motivated. #NothingYouKentDo #ThanksForLasking

Stephen is the SACA chapter president at New York Chiropractic College. He also serves as the SACA Specialty Councils Chair. Bryan is the SACA Membership Committee Chair.

When these two are not busy being students, serving SACA, and planning membership recruitment strategies, they are promoting #SACAup and serving in the community.

Thank you, gentlemen.

Submitted by Beau Foshee, Please nominate a colleague that you think everyone else should know.

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SACA Chapters Doing Notable Work


It looks like D'Youville is back in action with the intention of really shaking things up! They have an energetic chapter president, Candice Price from Cleveland, Ohio. Candice says, "Our previous leadership team recently graduated and for a bit there was a gap of inactivity within D'Youville's SACA because many of our members were approaching graduation." She has been waiting to join SACA for years, and we are delighted to have her. She is on the 7 year chiropractic/undergraduate program and officially started the chiropractic program this fall. They held their first SACA meeting of the year on September 2nd.

More than 2 dozen people showed up, and two were in the undergrad portion of the program!

D'Youville includes SACA membership fess as first semester expense. Candice and her team are working on a membership drive and hope to build their presence on campus and in the community.

D'Youville SACA Officers:

President- Candice Price

VP- Dan Nighswander

Treasurer- Kyle Fancher

Secretary- Josh Briggs

Candice will be at our 12th Annual SACA Leadership Conference. We look forward to meeting you and cannot wait to see the amazing impact you will make as a growing SACA chapter.

Thank you for your hard work and dedication.

Submitted by Beau Foshee,

Writing It Out: Changing the Climate for Chiropractic

This month's edition of the ACA News presented readers an article by Gina Shaw titled "Case Reports 101: How to Get Published" coupled with a column on why writing up case studies is important by the ACA Board of Governors Chairman, Dr. Ric Bruns.

These two submissions are stand-outs for me this month.

Other provider groups have more substantial bodies of evidence, and they are more reasonably compensated for their labors. We have the opportunity to shape the future of chiropractic care in the medical marketplace through continued support of quality professional trade organizations that represent our interests, remaining current on evidence informed practice models, and becoming active in the process of increasing the quantity of well written, exemplary case studies.

At the time of this writing a PubMed search returned 75,792 results for the keywords "spine surgery." There were just 2583 results for "spinal manipulative therapy" and 6489 for "chiropractic". Our full membership of students and field doctors is around 15,000. We must increase our collective data set to remain relevant. Each one write one.

You and I, SACA colleagues and the future of chiropractic, can do something about increasing the quality and quantity of published work.

Submitted by Beau Foshee,

It's Your Time to Shine

Be the Next SACA Video Star


It is so incredibly easy, it takes less than 5 minutes! All you do is answer the following questions... as if you're being interviewed
1. How has SACA changed your view of the Chiropractic profession?
2. how has SACA impacted you personally?
3. how has SACA impacted you professionally?
4. How has SACA changed how you view clinical practice and the importance of professionalism?
5. What would you say to anyone thinking of joining SACA?
6. How has NCLC or Leadership Conference impacted you in any way?

Thank you! Please submit to

Represent Your Specialty Council Interests

We are currently seeking Student Liaisons for the Specialty Councils.This is a spectacular opportunity to find field doctors that share your goals, network for future opportunities, and promote Specialty Councils on campus.

The Specialty Councils include: Acupuncture, Pediatrics, Occupational Health, Neurology, Rehab, Sports, Orthopedics, Diagnosis & Internal Disorders, Nutrition, Forensics & Digital Imaging.

Feel free to fill out the survey found here to get yourself connected.

Please direct inquiries to Jess Loveless,

Flyers for Upcoming Events

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2015 NCLC McAndrews Leadership Lecture

George P. McAndrews - NCLC 2015

SACA National Officers

Chair - Deepa Gulrajani, New York Chiropractic College

Vice-Chair - Heather Hastings, National University of Health Sciences Florida

Legislative Chair - Michael Brucks, Cleveland Chiropractic College

Legislative Vice-Chair - Jonathan Parham, Palmer West College of Chiropractic

Immediate Past Chair - Brendan McCann, New York Chiropractic College

SACA National Communications Committee

Chair - Jackie Hernandez, Texas Chiropractic College

Vice-Chair - Shannon Kirkwood, New York Chiropractic College

Website - Brendan McCann, New York Chiropractic College

News/Blog - Beau Foshee, Northwestern Health Sciences University

F4CP Liaison - Annabelle Mac Auley, Palmer College of Chiropractic Florida

Beau Foshee, Editor

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