Middle School Weekly Wrap Up

November 2, 2018

Peer Tutoring Starts

Agora’s National Honor Society is happy to offer Math and Writing Peer Tutoring to any student in the 4th – 12th grade.

  • NHS/NJHS students will work with students individually in break out rooms to help work through the problems or writing assignments that are giving students trouble.
  • Please have the student bring some sample problems, or an essay he or she is struggling with.
  • They can model how to solve, and then support you as you are solving the problems on your own.


➢ Grades 4th – 8th Wednesday @ 3:00 pm


Common Unit Assessments:

For any new student enrolling around the time the assessment is given, have the student complete the assessment. Please do not grade the assessment for those students but rather use the information to learn more about what skills the student knows or does not know.

  • If you have any questions, please feel free to ask a curriculum coordinator, instructional coach, or principal.

MTSS and Evaluations:

Students who are struggling in class should receive support to help the student be successful. MTSS is NOT a program but an overall framework of Multi-level Tier System of Support for all students. We are providing students with high quality instruction and interventions matched to student need, monitoring progress to make decisions about changes in instruction and to make educational decisions. Students should not be referred straight for an evaluation without having interventions in place first. The interventions should be implemented and data gathered. If after interventions have been tried and a student is still struggling, then additional services may be needed. This is the point where we would want to discuss options with our special education counterparts. However, teachers should not be referring students for evaluations without clear documentation first.

Student, Parent, Teacher Conferences

Conferences will be scheduled for all day on November 19 and 20; and AM on the 21st. Students will be asynchronous those days.

Progress Update Reports for Students:

  • Friday, October 26th—Grading window opens; Teachers can start entering grades/comments in Sapphire
  • Wednesday, November 7th—End of Marking Period 1
  • Thursday, November 8th—Grading day for teachers
  • Friday, November 9th (COS)-- Grades completed in Sapphire
  • Monday, November 12th and Tuesday, November 13th--Admin Sapphire check
  • Wednesday, November 14th—Report Cards published to Sapphire Community Portal

Directions were sent by Ali via email and are attached below.


Please note, a new code was created for teachers to use for period attendance. “RT”(religious instruction) was created so that teachers may mark students accordingly when they are late or leave early for class for prayer. As a reminder even if a student misses a class for religious purposes they are still responsible for completing all work during the time they missed.

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Dates to Remember:

November 5: Staff Meeting at 3pm

November 8: Asynchronous day for students; Teacher grading and planning

November 12: Staff PD at 3pm

November 16: End of quarter Student Recognition Assembly

Nov 19, 20, 21: Student, parent, teacher conferences