Peggy Lee

By Sadieboss

childhood and teen years

  • Peggy Lee was born originally as Norma Doloris Egstrom, in Jamestown, North Dakota On May 26, 1920.
  • At age four, Peggy's mother died. Leaving her with her alcoholic father and abusive stepmother.
  • Peggy was interested mostly in jazz, and slow music.
  • In 1941, while singing on local radio in Fargo, one of the broadcasters suggested she changed her name to Peggy Lee.
  • After hearing her preform, Peggy's bigbreak came when Benny Goodman hired her to sing with his band.
  • After graduating high school, she made an unsuccessful attempt to establish herself in hollywood.
  • After a while of supporting herself as a waitress, she returned to North Dakota.
  • At this time, Peggy was moving around often, which took her career a little bit more farther.
  • And this, took her back to california.

Disney movies

  • "Why Dont You Do Right" and "Hes the tramp" Were played in Roger Rabbit (1988) and Lady and the Tramp. (1955).
  • One of the dogs, in Lady and The Tramp, was named Peg (who sang He's The Tramp), a broken down old show-girl of a dog
  • whose provocative walk was based on the stage-prowl of Peggy lee.
Peggy married four times, all ending in a divorce.

  • One of her husbands, Dave Barbour was her first.
  • Dave was a guitarist and a songwriter.
  • Peggy and Dave had a daughter named Nicki.
  • Peggy and Dave were going to get back together, but Dave died of a heart attack in 1965.

near fatal deaths

  • 1976: Peggy had a near-fatal fall.
  • 1998: stroke and diabetes.
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  • Peggy died January 22, 2002, Bel-Air, Los Angeles, California. Peggy is buried at Westwood Memorial Park, Los Angeles.

Facts about Peggy Lee.

  • Peggy has a rose named after her, The "Peggy Lee" rose is pink with a touch of red.
  • She voiced four different characters in Lady and the Tramp: Darling, Peg, and both siamese cats.
  • Peggy had pneumonia when she had her daughter Nicki.
  • Ranked #93 on VH1's 100 Greatest Women of Rock and Roll.
  • Peggy Lee's last words was "Virginia doesnt come 'til Thursday"
  • Inducted in songwriters Hall of Fame in 1999

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