Fisher School is Cool

By: Aine and Mia

Spelling and Arithmetic

Our class went to the Fisher School. two favorite things were the spelling bee and arithmetic, arithmetic means math. First we are going to tell you about arithmetic. We got these special arithmetic books and slates (slates were miniature chalk boards .) The teachers read us a problem and we had to do it on the slates. When it was a really hard one, one of us had to go up to the big chalk board and show are thinking. We also did a spelling bee. There was two teams team 1 and team 2,we got challenging words and easy words. Not to brag or anything but team 2 won! Back to math we also did yards, feet , and pounds. Then sometimes when a person didn’t get it someone had to explain it. Then we did a good job so we went to snack. Also we got to try on the dunce cap, that’s when you are bad and you put it on and you sit in a stool in the corner, there is one for the boys and one for the girls. We went to lunch, a lot of us had sandwiches. This what we did at the Fisher School you should too!