Ancient Greece

By Ryan Schoettmer


Have you ever wondered how Ancient Greece began? What about what the Greek city states were? Did you ever wonder about that? Well your gonna learn about those topics plus more in this report about Ancient Greece. Even if you don't wanna you are gonna learn something about Ancient Greece.

The begginings of Ancient Greece

Here is your first lesson about Ancient Greece. The story that soon became Ancient Greece started began back in the early days between 1900 and 1600 bc. Back then the Greeks didnt call themselves Greeks, they prefered the name Helenes. During those days they invaded an area called the Aegaean Basin which happened to be inhabited at the time. When they did that they were in their Barbarian stage or as i like to call it, the psycho stage. In that stage they would destroy cities and in the process they developed Aegaean culture.

The Greek city-states and their colonies

Just in case you didn't get enough of Ancient Greece from that first paragraph here is another history lesson but this time it is on the Greek city-states and their colonies. The Greek city states (you know Sparta, Athens, Thebos, Argos, etc) joined together to fight Troy in the Trojan War. But they actually never became a nation. The cities(or states, whatever you wanna call them) were pretty small with Athens being the largest with 20,000 people. The Mediterranean climate made the city-states possible. By that I mean it seperated the states by putting mountains and plains in the way.

Slaves in Ancient Greece

Here is your final lesson on Ancient Greece, which also happens to be about slavery.The Greek city-state or Athens rests on a foundation of slavery. About 2/5 of Greeces population were slaves. The Greeks had a rule that if they conquered a city the population were to be sold as slaves. Any slave that was trained in a certain craft or eduacated very well were in high demand. But if you were a slave you could save money and buy you way out of slavery.


From states that are also cities to slaves in Ancient Greece, we learned a few things. This may seem like a pretty good bit of info but this is barely scratching the surface. But that is for a different time and a different project because this is the end of the lesson(or project, whatever you wanna call it). But if you wanna learn more on Ancient Greece go to the Britanica online encyclopedia web site.


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