Resort Happy

By Breeanna Paice


Resort Happy has been titled the most eco friendly resort in the whole world...

We care about you and our environment. Resort happy has gives everything.. from a clean resort to an eco friendly resort.

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What we have as an Eco friendly resort

1. The natural bush is retained as much as possible, and native plants are used in landscaping.

2. Composting toilets treat human waste, and worm farms consume food waste. Water is treated with ultraviolet light rather than chlorine. Recycling is encouraged.

3. Visitors are encouraged to improve the environment — perhaps by planting trees.

4. Buildings blend in with the natural landscape. Colour, location, height, shape and materials are all carefully selected with this in mind.

5. Vegetables are grown organically.

6. Many eco-resorts do not have a golf course because of their high use of water and pesticides.

7. An interpretive centre helps visitors understand the environment. Some eco-resorts include research laboratories that examine plants and animals of the area. Local indigenous people are employed to educate visitors about their culture.

8. Walking trails are lined with information and education boards.

9. Low-impact, non-polluting means of transport, such as bicycles, are provided for guests.

10. Boardwalks are built over sensitive areas such as sand dunes to protect them from being damaged.

11. Electricity is generated through solar panels on the roofs of the cabins. Each visitor group may be given an ‘energy target’ — a set amount of electricity that they may use. Those who use more have to pay for it.

12. Marine biologists accompany tourist cruises to nearby coral reefs to educate visitors about the reef and show them how to minimise their impact on it.