Odyssey 17-18

Justin A., Bryce H. Cookie, & Sam W.

Chapter 17:
Telemachus travels back to the palace and is warmly greeted by his mom and the nurse. While at the palace, a prophet tells them that Odysseus is very near. “Disguised once more as an old beggar, Odysseus journeys to town”. “At his castle gate, the hero is recognized by Argos, a broken-down old dog that he had raised as a pup”. His faithful dog, Argo, recognizes the disguised Odysseus and dies. “At Athena's urging Odysseus begs food from the suitors. While Odysseus travels through the crowd of suitors, “One man, Antinous, berates him and refuses so much as a crust.”

Chapter 18
Irus is a beggar and regularly begs in Ithaca. He does not like that Odysseus is begging there too. They get into a fight and the first punch Odysseus breaks Irus’s jaw. All of the suitors are impressed with Odysseus’s fighting skills. Penelope says she will marry when Telemachus grows a beard. Telemachus grows a beard then. Odysseus disguised as a beggar warns the suitors of Odysseus’s return. One maid calls Odysseus a crazy drunk for sticking around the drunk suitors. This make Odysseus very infuriated.
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