Graduate IT support technician

University of Staffordshire

Required Skills

Specific skills:

• Comfortable with a PC's architecture and OS, to understand when to move to a new os, or fix computers that are running different OS. Or maybe using your knowledge in those OS systems to help learn a new system whilst fixing a problem that occurs with only that system.

• Understand the basic principles of servers, so that they know you can be trusted to know what you are doing when they give you the admin rights to do whatever is necessary and needed to do your job. That might mean installing new software or removing software without destroying the server or backups.

• Basic computer programming abilities, in case a problem occurs that need a few simple lines of code to fix, or maybe a server needs a few lines of code to add in a new piece of software.

General skills

• Experience and familiar with different systems, so you can find your way around well enough.

• Good planning and organisational skills, so that you can organise schedules and plan for any changes that will happen in the future.


• Adaptable to any situation that arises or any new problems that occur.

• Logical thinker so you can troubleshoot problems easily.

• Punctual on timing, so you don’t miss days of work and can provide a stable work flow.

University of Staffordshire