Mrs. Adams

About Me

I graduated from Sam Houston State University with a degree in Music Therapy. While working as a MT for Lubbock ISD I felt I could make more of an impact in the classroom. This will be my 4th year working in special education, 3rd at Bosqueville, and I love it every day. I am so excited for each and every child who will be in our class this year!

Besides being a teacher I am a wife, a mom of two wonderful little girls: Raney(3)and Bristol (1) , a city farm girl, and I love to craft and knit.

My wonderful assistants

Important Information

- Our students will arrive and be dismissed at the door by our room and pre-k playground. I know you want to walk those sweet babies in but unfortunately we won't be able to this year. One of our amazing aides will be at the door to recieive our students and walk them out during dismissal.

FOOD: Make sure you do not send any food or candy that contains peanuts, peanut butter, or any other peanut products. We want to make sure our students with severe food allergies are always safe in our classroom. Let me know one week in advance if you want to bring in treats for the class (birthdays, parties, special events). All food must be store bought and individually wrapped.

FOLDERS: Your child will bring home a daily folder. Please look inside, take things out of the “keep at home” pocket, and sign & return things in the “return to school” pocket.

Please sign & return the Daily Behavior Report Card every day.

STUDENT PROGRESS: Progress reports will be sent home at the 3-week mark, and report cards will be sent home the Wednesday following the end of the six weeks. IEP progress reports will go out with report cards. Progress reports and report cards will need to be signed and returned.

ATTENDANCE: Parents have 3 days to send a note with the reason why the student was absent in order for it to be counted as excused. If there is a doctor's note, that will also work. Students have the same number of days to make up work as the number of days missed. (3 days absent=3 days to make up work) Students with too many absences in a time period will be reported to the attendance officer and a court report may be filed.

Virtual Learners


-I will drop off binders at your house on Monday Aug 17 with worksheet, directions and login information.

- You will find some of your assignments on google classroom... linked at the bottom.

-I have also created a Bitmoji Classroom that will have our daily calendar, weather, science and social studies and several other things to explore.

- The first week of school:

  • Tuesday: Back to school contract
  • Wednesday: Back to school contract
  • Thursday: address half of their IEP goals
  • Friday: The other half of the IEP goals
- This first week the students at school will be learning the classroom routine, proper hand washing and COVID-19 procedures. All their goals will be addressed to collect data to monitor regression after such a long break from school.

My Contact

- I send most info for the class through “Class Dojo”. I’ll add you to the group, just let me know if you would prefer for the messages to come via text or email.

- All communication will come through me (Mrs. Adams). Please do not text, call, or message the paraprofessionals for anything that pertains to school.