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Edmund Rice Centre (ERC) @ Clairvaux MacKillop College

April 2016 Newsletter - Issue #1

Welcome to the first Newsletter!

2016 has seen a new initiative at the college with parent representatives of the Edmund Rice Center (ERC) acting as the voice for parents at P&F meetings and advocating for those students and other students with a disability, but particularly ERC Program students.

With this in mind, the parent reps and I will collaborate to publish an ERC newsletter, monthly, that will be both emailed to parents, and a printed copy sent home with ERC students.

If there are any concerns you have, discussion points, advertising or things worth noting on the newsletter, please don't hesitate to contact one of the parent reps or myself for addition on the next edition of the newsletter.

ERC Parents Meet & Greet

Tuesday, April 19th, 3-4pm

Klumpp Road

Upper Mt Gravatt, QLD

Come along to the ERC Classroom and enjoy a cuppa and some light refreshments, and meet and greet with other ERC parents.

Important Dates & School Community Events

  • Thursday 21st April - 1st Day of Seca Sport - Continuing each Thursday until further notice. Students are required to wear correct sports uniform on this day. Students should all know by now which Seca Sport they have been given. If not, see Mrs. Toon or myself.
  • Friday 22nd April - Anzac Day Service at the College - All students to attend.
  • Monday 25th April - Anzac Day Public Holiday
  • Monday 2nd May - Labour Day Public Holiday
  • Tuesday 3rd May - PST Interviews. School finishes at lunchtime on this day, in order for Parent & Teacher interviews to commence from 1.30 - 6.30pm.
  • Tuesday 10th - Thursday 12th May - NAPLAN testing - years 7 and 9. Please complete 'exemption' or 'accommodations/ special considerations' forms as provided by your Case Manager for Students With A Disability.
  • Friday 13th May - Year 12 Formal

Go Blue For Autism - Awareness Day - Tuesday April 12th

Edmund Rice Centre students and Learning Support staff sold Blue themed cupcakes and other treats, with money raised going to Autism Queensland and Autism research. Staff were also encouraged to wear blue clothing to show their support and donate for the cause.

In The Classroom

In each edition, there will be photographs of ERC students, participating in classroom activities and in some of the mainstream subjects.

IN THE GARDEN - As part of learning in science, a garden program is being set up so that ERC students can learn about the care and nurturing of plants, including ecosystems, stages of a plant and horticulture in general; an important life-skill also about taking care of living things and the process and role of nurturing.

This term, ERC students will be learning about the following in each subject


Yr 7/8/9 - Autobiographies and Biographies - guided reading, grammar activities.

Yr 10/11/12 - Generations - Baby Boomers, Y-Generation, Generation X etc.

MATHS - Number and operations using a calculator, money, time and measurement

SCIENCE - Mixtures and materials --> Mixing, combining, separation and solutions

LIFE SKILLS & COMMUNITY ACCESS - Daily living skills, using self-checkouts at supermarket and reading venue maps. Continued class cooking - Anzac Biscuits will be baked and discussed.

Activities In and Out of School

Outside of school - Konnor, Christian, Luke, Riley and Damien are involved in a social bowling group. To find out more information, please contact one of their parents for details.

Disability Supports & Services

  • Disability services- Parents should register with DSQ at anytime in the Secondary School years but ASAP in Year 12 as an appointment needs to be booked for an assessment of your child. Much easier to do this whilst a student is at school.

Parents, please note that in the past, there has been a cut of date in year 12 in May if you require funding for services post school. There is also no guarantee for funding. General enquires phone no:-13 74 68 ask for contact details for Disability Services regional office close to your residence or visit the website for more information

  • Companion Card or general enquires phone no:-13 74 68

  • Community Star Transport (Redlands Distrcit)

Can pick up and take places, similar to a taxi service, contact:- 07 3821 6699

Website:- or

  • Transitcare Community Flyer (Logan and Brisbane South District)

register by Phone:- 1300463593 or

TIP: In preparation for the NDIS, it is advised to keep a diary on a daily basis of your son/daughters additional needs. NDIS requires quite a detailed account of how their disability affects their day-to-day living.

In The Senior School (Years 10, 11 and 12)

  • Year 12 Formal and Year 11 Semi-Formal- Parents of Year 11 and Year 12 should start looking at familiarising and getting prepared for the Year 11 Semi-formal and Year 12 Formal. Particularly booking vehicles, formal dresses etc for the Year 12 Formal. Over the next month, there will be considerable talk from the Senior School and year 11 Pastoral Leaders and administration about the upcoming events and expectations.

Yr 11 & 12 Exam Block and Work Placement - Term 2

All year 11 and 12 students will again go into Exam Block / Work Placement from the 6th June - 14th June, meaning that the last day of classes will be Friday 3rd June. Year 11's and year 12's who aren't doing the QCS will come back to school as usual from 15th June until the end of term, with year 12's going on Retreat during this time.

Regarding Work Placement, Angela Willows (School officer), Lindy Toon, myself and the rest of the team seek out to find suitable work placement (up to a full week) during this time, however, as you can imagine have some difficulty finding the right fit for some students. If you have any contacts, who are willing to take on our students, please let Angela, Lindy or myself know asap, so we can arrange the paperwork and associated follow-up.

Year 11 and 12 - QCIA News

The Queensland Certificate of Individual Achievement (QCIA) recognises the achievements of students who are on individualised learning programs.

The certificate is an official record that students have completed at least 12 years of education, and provides students with a summary of their skills and knowledge that they can present to employers and training providers.

The QCAA has developed the following resources to help students, parents and carers and schools and teachers to understand the underlying principles of the senior phase of learning in Queensland and the QCIA.

Year 11 and 12 - QCIA Brochure and FAQ

The QCIA brochure provides general information and answers some frequently asked questions.

Year 11 and 12 - Sample certificate

This sample is an example of the final document that the student receives.

Homework Club

Homework Club runs every Monday and Wednesday in the library from 3pm - 5pm. Students should bring all of the equipment required to do homework and for some assistance with assignment work and classwork.

There is no need to 'sign-up' or register. Students just need to show up with the work, and stay as long as needed (The Homework Club has teaching tutors who stay up until 5pm). Please note that this is NOT afterschool care or any other type of supervision.

Student's Work

In next month's newsletter, we will provide some examples of ERC students writing tasks and creative work, as we have some very imaginative young writers and minds within the ERC program.

Websites of Interest

Choosing your Path: Disclosure: It's a personal decision
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Parent's Tip of the Month

If your student has a mobile phone, it is much easier to use the 'voice to text' features, especially when trying to type a lengthy text message. It can also be read back to them, to check for any autocorrect errors etc.
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Non State Schools Transport Assistance Scheme (NSSTAS)

NSSTAS provides financial assistance for families transporting students to non-state schools in Queensland.

How it Works

  1. Check your eligibility for either:
    Bus, Ferry, & Other Assistance OR Students With Disability
  2. Make a note in your calendar to apply here each May (for travel January to June) /October (for travel July to December)
  3. Pay for transport throughout the semester
  4. Keep your public transport receipts
  5. Apply
  6. We calculate how much we can pay you
  7. We pay you by the end of the September / March after you apply

All the information is provided on the following website. All applications need to be made through this site.

ERC Parent Representatives

Mrs. Michelle Franklin - Email:

Mrs. Sharon Evans - Email:

ERC Parent Social Gathering

Sharon and Michelle also wish to invite other ERC parents to a monthly activity / get together social event, which gives parents an opportunity to get together in an informal setting for a coffee or lunch.

The April Event will be the previously mentioned ERC meet and greet on 19th April from 3-4pm at the College, however, there will be one for May and following months.

On the online version of fhe newsletter, please feel free to comment or add questions about any particular article or to find out more information about. Alternatively, please email