ISOR-CO June 2015 Newsletter

Insight School of Oregon Charter Option

Our Mission

By putting students first, Insight Charter will strive to develop each child's full potential with engaging, individualized learning. With an emphasis on doing the right thing for students, Insight Charter is committed to leading change in education by challenging long-accepted ways of doing things so that the school can provide the best education for every child and every family.

Celebrate the Graduate!

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Graduating Class 2015, We Salute You!

Garrick Bauer

Victoria Christie

Savannah Coen

Callie Covington

Onjanique De Vita

Riley Estrada

Taylor Harris

Sierra Hines

Shelbie Hoffman

Isabella Hughitt

Erica Hutchman

Sydney Klebaum

Riley Larimer

Dexter Lessman

Kiana Loomis

Cheyenne McCain

Reilly McCain

Ethan McQuain

McKenna Morrill

Rachel Poole

Sara Rezendes

Holly Rosenberg

Cheyenne Shepherd

Lily Smith

Makaela Speakman

Jessica Stein

Alyssa Sweeney

Amanda Tennyson

Aqua Torrence

Eric Ullrich Jr.

Nicholas Walker

Brittney Williams

Kirstin Winship
Ethan Wood

We could not be more proud of these young men and women. Graduation is a time of completion, an ending...and also a commencement, a new beginning. Our hope is that the future ahead of you is as wonderful as you are.

Graduation Details:
June 20, 2015, 11 am at the University of Portland, Buckley Center Auditorium, 5000 N Willamette Blvd., Portland, OR 97203.

Thanks to one of our amazing teachers, Bruce Rasmussen, for providing this video of the ceremony: (click the link below)

Insight School of Oregon, Class of 2015, Commencement

And be sure to visit the Insight School of Oregon Facebook page to view the fabulous Graduation 2015 photo album!

Registration Information for School Year 2015-16

Dear Insight School of Oregon – Charter Option family,

Several weeks ago we announced that Insight School of Oregon – Charter Option (ISOR-CO) will be closing at the end of the 2014-2015 school year, and re-launching as a 7th-12th grade Career Technical program called Insight School of Oregon – Painted Hills (ISOR-PH).

We are pleased to announce that registration is now open for ISOR-PH! If you would like to secure a spot for the 2015-2016 school year, please follow the steps outlined below:

1. Complete the ISOR-PH Registration EchoSign Form: Click Here

2. If help is needed, please call (800)711-0763

Interested in learning more about ISOR-PH? Please review the helpful FAQs below.

Does ISOR-PH use the same curriculum as ISOR-CO?
ISOR-PH uses the same award-winning K12 curriculum and materials, with which you are already familiar.

ISOR-PH will use the entire suite of K12 curriculum, including K12, FuelEd Online Courses, Anywhere Learning System, Middlebury Interactive Languages, as well as Khan Academy to support math.

What is a Career Technical Program?
ISOR-PH will improve each student’s ability to succeed in the community and workforce through an innovative online Career Technical Education. ISOR-PH welcomes motivated Oregon students in grades 7-12 who are interested in attending college, pursuing post-high school technical education and certification, or entering a technical career.

Students will engage in an academic program that they find relevant to their future through the Career Pathways Programs as part of the virtual learning model. This program will engage students by allowing them to explore different career fields and learning through in-depth experiences about their fields of interest. These pathways allow students to pursue a distinct academic pathway, focusing on 2 primary career learning areas:

· Business and Marketing

· Health Sciences

How does ISOR-PH Career Pathways Program fit into a Career Technical Education (CTE) model?
In addition to their core general courses, students will complete a series of elective courses to provide advanced learning in specific career pathways.

Does ISOR-PH participate in State Testing?
Yes, ISOR-PH students benefit from:

· State testing for grades 7, 8, and 11 in spring

· Scantron participation in fall and spring

· Participation in Study Island during the school year

How do ISOR-PH teachers connect with Learning Coaches and students?
Teachers and Learning Coaches:

· Collaborate on Individual Learning Plans for every student, with several conferences each school year, or more frequent updates if needed

· Students make contact 2 times per week on different days for attendance to report to state

· Meet in weekly instructional Class Connects. Homeroom teachers provide their students regular opportunities to attend synchronous and asynchronous Class Connects (through Blackboard Collaborate online platform).

Will my student keep their current computer and materials if they register for ISOR-PH?
While new enrolling students must qualify under Free and Reduced Lunch requirements of family income, existing students of ISOR-CO will retain their current computer and materials if applicable to their curriculum level.

Can we participate in workshops and clubs at ISOR-PH?
Yes, ISOR-PH families benefit from continued access to K12’s parent workshops, and student clubs and contests.

We look forward to seeing you in our virtual halls at ISOR-PH next fall!


J.D. McMahan

Interim Head of School

High School Highlights

Summer School Opportunity!

If you're needing credits or wanting to keep learning over the hot summer months, please join our Western Region Summer School program!

Course registration is now open! Click here for details and registration:

Western Region Summer School session offers several online courses. Our learning environment allows you flexibility with your study schedule, while you experience the quality and excellence of K12 courses! Join students from Insight School of Oregon, Oregon Virtual Academy, and California Virtual Academies, along with our best instructors, as you pave the way to a brighter future. Summer learning is just a click away!

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Middle School Matters

At the middle school level we really work with students to build skills, knowledge and independence each year. Sometimes people have the attitude that middle school isn’t that important because your grades don’t go with you to high school. Your grades might not go with you but do you know what does… all of the different things that you learned in middle school. Things like managing your time, how to communicate with teachers and all of the fun facts that you learned in your classes. This builds the foundation for that next step in school. To all of our 8th graders moving on to High School, we wish you well. Do your best and earn those credits as you work toward your next step - graduation! Thank you all for a great year.

Life Hacks!

We ran out of time for assemblies in May due to state testing but I wanted to share two hacks for summer.

First of all, one great thing that you can do over the summer is read. Reading will help you not just maintain the skills that you have but it can also help you build new skills and increase your vocabulary. Plus over the summer you can choose which books you want to read!

The second hack is for one of my favorite summer treats – strawberry lemonade. Instead of mixing strawberry juice or puree in with the lemonade I make ice cubes with it. Freeze the puree or juice in ice cube trays a day ahead of time. Add a few of the frozen cubes to your glass then pour the lemonade over it. You get a delicious drink that doesn’t get watered down by regular ice cubes. And it looks really cool as the strawberry cubes melt and mix in with the lemonade. I have also done this with small frozen grape juice cubes and it is also quite tasty. I hope that you enjoy your summer! ~Mrs. DeWolfe

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Elementary Corner

Are you wondering how to keep your kids engaged over the long summer months? Here's 12 terrific resources for you!

12 Free Education Resources for Summer Learning

1. Free World U: preK-12th grade. A basic free version, in addition to paying options. Solid curriculum for all grade levels.

2. Learn Zillion: grades 2 – high school, (K-1 still in development) – you can create a free teacher/parent account and build your child’s whole curriculum with the hundreds of assignments in the pool of content developed by expert teachers.

3. Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool: “Grade levels and courses include 180 days of homeschool lessons and assignments. It covers reading, writing, grammar, spelling, vocabulary, math, history/social studies/geography, science, Spanish, Bible, computer, music, art, PE/health, and logic. It uses only free materials found on the internet.”

4. K-5th grade curriculum and worksheets. There are hundreds of free worksheets, although the full curriculum is a paying option.

5. K12 Reader: Free Reading instruction resources for 1st grade through high school.

6. ReadWorks: Free Reading Comprehension curriculum for grades K-6, named the 2014 best reading instruction resource in the United States.

7. Starfall: Learn to read! Free online program to teach phonics skills, reading fluency and comprehension.

8. Ten Marks: Free Summer Math Program for grades 1 – high school.

9. ABCya: Free educational kids computer games and activities for elementary students to learn on the web. All children's educational computer activities were created or approved by certified school teachers.

10. Math Facts Café: Free printable math worksheets for elementary students. Includes math drills, flashcards, counting, time, money, and more!

11. Open Culture. You will be AMAZED at the hundreds of free resources to keep your students learning all summer and beyond! From free audio books to learning a foreign language, there is something for learners of all ages.

12. Learning Liftoff: A K12 powered site that has daily postings on the latest education apps, technology, parenting/teaching articles, free printable activities and games, math and reading lessons, and more.