Teaching with On Course

Study Skills Edition, Skip Downing

The Course

On Course offers students the opportunity to learn essential skills and develop inner qualities to help them become successful in college and in life. The central premise of the text is that success occurs from the inside out.

At the center of the skills is the development of the ability to make wise choices and adopt a voice or creation rather than victim. As a result of taking this course, students should be empowered to live richer and more personally fulfilling lives.

Rethinking Student Success Courses

Instructor Resources

There are several places to find resources for teaching the course. First, look at the tools available to you on the Instructor Companion Site. If you are not finding everything you need there, go to the archive created by instructors across the U.S. who are also teaching the course, On Course Workshop. You will need to login or register to receive the password.

Workshop Materials