Becoming a New Parent

Hannah Collier

Newborn Apperance

When your baby is first born they are going to have a variety of things going on. The color of their skin is going to be different depending on their race, but most babies will come out red/purple. Their head may be misshapen from just coming out of the mothers birth canal. Your baby will come out covered in a cheese like substance called Vernix Casseosa. The vernix covers the babies bodies to protect them from being in the amniotic fluid. They will be covered in a layer of light hair called lanugo. Some may have bumps or rashes on their skin. All of these things will go away a few days after birth.

Bonding with your infant

There are many ways that you can bond with your infant and grow your relationship. One way to bond is during feeding time. This can be a special time for mom if she is breast feeding. It can also be a good time for dad to bond with the baby if you are bottle feeding. Talk to your newborn all of the time. Your baby loves to hear your voice and it also grows their vocabulary. Make eye contact and smile with your infant when you are feeding, bathing, diapering, or holding them. They will catch on and start to watch you and eventually start smiling back. Touching your baby is very important; this shows your love and care for the infant and let's them know you are here for them. Introducing your infant to new people helps them grow their sense of relationships and get comfortable with other people.

Toy Guidlines

When picking toys for your infant you want to make sure you a picking something safe and age appropriate to ensure the safety for your baby. You want toys that the baby cannot put into their mouth and choke. Cords that are longer than 12 inches could be a hazard for your baby. Pick toys that have rounded edges instead of sharp so they cannot injure themselves. Make sure the toys are painted with non-toxic substances because your baby will put everything in their mouths. Also, make sure the toy is tightly put together with no loose screws.

Pick toys that are colorful that the baby can follow with their eyes. Toys that make sounds and noises are also good to get your baby involved. Toys with buttons and pulling levers are great to help your baby explore. Good examples of appropriate toys are:

  • Rattles
  • Baby gym
  • Soft books and building blocks
  • Teething toys
  • Musical/ Chime toys

Pros and Cons of Breast and Bottle Feeding

There are many pros and cons to both type dos feelings. Some may work better for some moms and babies.

Breast feeding:

Breast feeding is a great and natural way to feed your baby. It is healthy for the mom and baby. It is inexpensive and a great way to give the baby all of the immunities and nutrients they need. It is also a great way for the mom and baby to bond. Cons to breast feeding include being time consuming. Also the baby may not be able to latch on to feed. It can also be difficult for the Dad to be involved during feeding time.

Bottle Feeding:

Bottle feeding is a very convenient way to feed. You're able to feed your baby anywhere at anytime. It is also a good way for other people to bond with your baby by getting time to feed. Cons of bottle feeding could be the expenses. Also time consuming because you are going to have to wash bottles, make bottles all the time. Some babies may have issues with the formula, so you would have to buy a special type of formula.

First Foods

At birth your baby will only drink milk either through breast feeding or by bottle.

2-4 weeks your baby can have orange juice or vitamin-c supplements.

At 4 weeks you can give them fluoridated water to start helping them grow their teeth.

At 3 months your baby can begin eating cereals wich provide iron and taste differences. Cereals also provide b-vitamins.

3-4 months your baby can start eating mashed hard cooked egg yolks which provide iron and protein.

At 4 months they can start eating puréed fruits and vegetables that give vitamins.

6 months they can begin eating puréed meats to get protein and iron.

7 months babies can start getting small pieces of breads and pastas to get B-vitamins and carbohydrates.

After the first year your baby can start having strained and chopped adult foods to get all of the nutrients they need.

Characteristics of a Healthy Child

  • A healthy child will sleep soundly during the night.
  • They will eat without having to coax them to eat.
  • They will gain steadily in weight and height over the months.
  • Their teeth are in good and healthy condition.
  • They have few aches and pains.
  • A healthy child enjoys group and individual activities.
  • They are alert,active, cheerful, and interested in their surroundings.

SIDS Prevention and Crib Saftey

SIDS is known as sudden infant death syndrome. It is an unfortunate thing that happens, but here are some crib Saftey rules to use that will hopefully prevent it.

  • The crib's mattress should be firm and tight fitting into the crib.
  • Nothing should be inside the crime while the baby is in there.
  • Never put anything over the top of your babies head.
  • Always put the baby to sleep on his or her back.
  • Dress the baby in a one piece sleeper.
  • Do not let the baby sleep with you.
  • If you use a pacifier, use one without a string.