New Location for The Grade Saturday

at Montevista Study Center, 345 E. Summit Ave, SA 78212

The Grade WILL NOT be at TriPoint Center this month only!

337 & 345 E. Summit Avenue, new location for October 15, 2016

Montevista Study Center itself, two adjacent houses just up the hill from TriPoint Center, will host The Grade in October 2016 on a one-time basis, the day after tomorrow, Saturday, October 15 from 2-4:15 pm.

Section I - Freshmen & Sophomores will meet in the upper house 337 E. Summit Avenue (one house from the corner of Shook Ave & E. Summit Avenue), and

Section II - Juniors & Seniors will meet in the corner house 345 E. Summit Avenue adjacent to 337.

In the photo below, 345 E Summit is the house on the lower right and 337 E. Summit is the house on the upper left.

Fathers and sons are welcome to visit our oratory at 345 E. Summit and to join us for ice cream after The Grade from 4:00 - 4:15 pm in the upper house at 337 E. Summit.