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TPS Instructional Technology, September 2013

TAC 3.0 and PerformancePLUS

Many new features are available this year in TAC 3.0 for teachers. Improved navigation, student information access and assignment entry are just a few improvements. In addition, Tacoma Public Schools has now incorporated PerformancePLUS, a new tool for generating a wide variety of reports for the purpose of monitoring and tracking your student data. Staff will be trained in their buildings on the new features of TAC 3.0 and PerformancePLUS. In addition, there are after school Professional Development sessions available at the PDC throughout September and into October.

Outlook Client vs. Webmail

When you have a choice between the two, we recommend the use of Microsoft Outlook Client for email vs. Outlook webmail through the Internet. For quick access, pin Outlook (Client) to your Taskbar or Start Menu.

  1. Click the Start button/Windows orb on the bottom left of your screen.
  2. Type “Outlook” in the search box.
  3. Right-click the word "Outlook" and choose pin to Taskbar or pin to Start Menu.

When using Outlook Client, you have enhanced features in Contacts and Calendars. When using Outlook webmail, you can’t view shared calendars which most schools use with staff. For assistance using Outlook Client, consider registering for an Outlook class through the online PD calendar. Otherwise, contact one of our Instructional Technology Faciliators.

Add a Printer

Do you have a new computer and need a printer added? We have a handout for that! Visit the document, follow the steps, and contact the Customer Service Center (Help Desk) if you need additional assistance. 571-HELP (4357) or

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New Innovation Instructional Facilitators

Damond Crump

Damond has taught middle school mathematics for over a decade and earned his National Boards in math in 2010. Damond is passionate about making math accessible to all students through quality instruction and project-based learning. Damond is now an innovation project manager with Instructional Technology. He is currently working on the Student and Family Math Video Resources project. When not working with students and teachers, Damond enjoys spending time in the outdoors with his family and being involved in WWII living history.

Delonna Halliday

After teaching in both elementary and middle school, Delonna Halliday is excited about this new opportunity to lean into the future of educational opportunities for students. She is always delighted to learn with others and develop crazy ideas into realizable plans. She believes each moment is an opportunity to enrich the life of a student through our actions. At this time, Delonna is exploring Bring Your Own Device projects.

Jene Jones

Jene Jones, after 20 years of classroom teaching pre-K through 12th grade, is now managing technology projects in the Curriculum & Instruction department. She is passionate about how technology transforms the classroom increasing student engagement and ownership of learning. Jene’s projects include SharePoint (a collaborative place to work and learn) and Transition Readiness for all 5th-9th graders. Hobbies? Jene avidly tracks WA Legislative Education policy and budget decisions which affect our Tacoma students and schools.

Kristie Stanek

I am Kristie Stanek, and I am currently working on the school kiosk project. This winter each school site will have a kiosk system for the front office. The kiosk will be a great resource for parents to use to check in for volunteering, access information, update information, and much, much more. Another project that I am working on is converting the JAWS report card to an online format in eSchoolPLUS.

Kim Williams

My name is Kim Williams and I have been a teacher for 23 years. I came to Instructional Technology/ blended learning/TASC with a BA.ED and Masters in Educational Technology. My project this year is to help teacher integrate TASC (virtual learning site) into their classrooms.