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Archimedes found out how to measure the volume an irregular shape object while getting into a bathtub. It all started when King Hiero II asked to get a crown made of pure gold. When he got the crown he was sure there was some silver in it. He asked Archimedes to figure out if the crown had silver in it without melting or destroying the crown. One day while getting in the bath he noticed that the water rose as he got in. He noticed that the effect could be used to figure out the volume of the crown. Archimedes then jumped out of the shower, yelled EUREKA, and ran through the streets of Syracuse naked. Archimedes was the first to figure out how to measure the volume of irregular shape objects.
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Archimedean Screw and Other Inventions

Archimedes invented the Archimedean Screw to pull water out the ground. The device is still used around the world to pull ash, grain, and sand from a lower part of the ground to a higher one. It's also used in Egypt for irrigation. Archimedes also invented and discovered many other things related to physics and mathematics.
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Archimedes Biography

Archimedes was born on 287 BC and got killed by a roman soldier. Archimedes refused to listen to the soldier's order because he had work to do. The soldier was furious and killed Archimedes with his sword although, he was ordered not to harm him. Archimedes discovered and invented lots of things before being killed. There is not that much information about Archimedes' life but his father was named Phidias, he might have attended a school in Alexandria, Egypt, and he got killed when he was about 75 years old.
How taking a bath led to Archimedes' principle - Mark Salata