Google Docs

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How To Use This Resource:

Read the essential questions and keep them in mind as you work your way through the resources on this page. Watch the brief video tutorials next to each feature if you do not have familiarity with that item. Complete the task at the bottom of the page.

Essential Questions:

How can Google Docs support professional and student collaboration?

How can Google Docs and/or add-ons be used to personalize feedback for students?


What is a Google Doc? - Video

Create a new doc - Video

Share files and folders with other editors - Video

Comment and respond on a doc - Video

Research - Video

Beyond Basic:

View revision history - Video

Add bookmarks and a table of contents - Video

Add-ons - What are they? - Video

10 Things Everyone Should Know How to Do in Google Docs


Contribute to our Google Doc

Bonus: Create a comment and/or respond to someone else's comment in the doc.