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Why Vocabulary.com?

Vocabulary.com is Northwest Area Education's newest resource. Several districts requested we consider Vocabulary.com as a resource. In addition, we purchased Vocabulary.com because we believe there is a strong link between a strong vocabulary and academic success. We believe a good vocabulary helps students read, write, speak and think more effectively. We also purchased Vocabulary.com because of the differentiated approach used to teach that vocabulary. Vocabulary.com uses adaptive game play. In adaptive game play, each student plays at a level that is appropriate to them. Students accumulate points based on their persistence of game play, not the difficulty of the words they are working on.
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What Kind of Vocabulary?

Vocabulary.com is based on Tier II Words (academic vocabulary). This is what the Common Core State Standards refer to as "general academic words" and learning these words will have the most impact in helping students make that transition to more complex text. Tier II Words are far more likely to appear in written texts than in speech. They appear in all sorts of texts: informational, technical and literary. Because these words are found across many types of text they are highly generalizable.

The real power, however, is the capability for teachers to create their own vocabulary lists, quickly and effectively. Vocabulary.com integrates into each teacher's curriculum. Students are learning words associated with the texts that are being taught. It is easy to share those lists with students as well. Teachers can also see progress on individual lists.

Creating Accounts using your Google Account

Vocabulary.com is different from our other resources because it requires teachers and students to have their own individual accounts. There isn't a generic username and password for each building. Your Iowa AEA Online username/password will not provide access. There are several ways to create accounts, but one of the easiest ways to do so is using your Google accounts/domain. Vocabulary.com wants to work directly with schools in helping them set up their accounts and therefore begin using this powerful resource. If you are interested in creating accounts, please contact me and I will put you in touch with Vocabulary.com.