The city of prosperity

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Map of Constantinople

Constantinople is surrounded by water on three sides making it easy to defend,and it is in between the west and east so they were the center of trading.

The Hagia Sophia

One amazing thing to see in Constantinople is the Hagia Sophia. It is one of the grandest churches in Constantinople because of it's size and beauty.
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Religion and Government

The main religion in Constantinople is Christianity. The pope was in charge of the church,and The emperor was in charge of the government.

Daily Life

Daily life in Constantinople was enjoyable for all even for those who were in poverty. It was so enjoyable because traders would come in and trade while others in poverty worked for bread and other food.

Sewer System

Sewer systems are very rare, but we have one in Constantinople so it's clean streets and no awful smell.
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Chariot Races

Chariot Races are very popular in Constantinople. It's where two teams races in giant oval like shaped circle trying cross the finish line first.
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Constantinople Culture and language

Constantinople has about one million people though the cities culture and language was Greek traders and visitors spoke many other languages.
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