Wednesday, April 16th

Approaching Due Dates

INSTRUCT: Asch's Experiment on Conformity

What is conformity?

Conformity is a process of changing behavior due to the influence of others. On of the most influential studies on the topic of conformity was completed by Solomon Asch. Please review this video that explores Asch's experiment.

INFORM: Module 14, the AP Review Module and Time Management

Please remember to pace yourself as you work through Module 14 and the AP Review Module.

All assignments must be submitted by April 22nd.

Make sure that you have accessed all items in Module 14. Specific items to submit include:
  • Pretest Module 14
  • Vocabulary WIki
  • Vocabulary - My Submission!
  • Quiz - Social Thinking
  • Quiz - Social Relations
  • Forum: Prejudice
  • Assignment: Stanford Prison Experiment
  • AP Practice Quiz #3
  • AP Practice Quiz #4
Due dates are FINAL! You may finish items up to the due date - but no credit will be given for work submitted past the deadline.
Be aware also that your Module 14 MC test and your Essay Test, as well as your AP Multiple Choice pre-test are quickly approaching.

  • Module 14 Test - April 24 or 25
  • Module 13/14 Timed Response/Essay - April 25 or 28
  • AP Exam Multiple Choice Pre-Test April 30 or May 1

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INFORM: AP Exam Review Session TONIGHT

Please check out the live review sessions that will be held TONIGHT. I still am waiting on information for the archived sessions - and will post it as soon as I receive it from technology. Thank you for your patience.

Don't forget - attending the live sessions makes you eligible to earn extra credit for the 4th grading period!

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Click Here to Enter the Review Session

You will be prompted to enter your name. Please enter your first and last name, so that the presenter can let your teacher know you attended the session.

CELEBRATE: Hard work

I want to thank all of you that have been working hard to prepare for your AP Exam this May. There is still plenty of time to prepare, but it will take steady effort. Please make use of all the tools provided - and ask questions.