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Newsletter - October 18th, 2018

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One theme of Mark's Gospel is the importance of being humble. This lesson usually appears in Mark when the disciples behave in less than ideal ways, and today brothers James and John are on the hot seat.

Sunday's Gospel reading opens with James and John asking Jesus to provide whatever they ask, namely the most glorious positions in Jesus' throne room. What makes this request not just annoying but also shocking is that in the verses immediately prior to today's Gospel, Jesus has just explained his passion and death for the third time! The brothers are not only asking for the best for themselves - they also are ignoring the suffering Jesus will soon experience.

Jesus symbolically brings up the theme of his death by asking James and John if they can drink the cup he will drink and be baptized as he is. This seems like an odd phrase, but when we look elsewhere in Scripture, it begins to make sense. God's "cup" is used to represent what God is giving to us. Sometimes it is blessing (see Psalm 75:9; Isaiah 51:17-22; Jeremiah 49:12; Ezekiel 23:31-34). In the Garden of Gethsemane on Holy Thursday Jesus prays that, if possible, this cup be removed (see Mark 14:36).

Jesus' baptism may sound more positive, yet St. Paul connects our baptism to Jesus' death (Romans 6:3) and speaks of Christians as crucified with Christ (see Galatians 2:19; 5:24). This suggests that baptism involves dying to one way of life in order to live a new way.

This need to live differently as followers of Jesus is clear when Jesus explains that his followers are not to lead as the Gentile leaders do. Gentiles lead through power, but Jesus' followers must lead through service and humble support without force or coercion.

Saint Oscar Romero Canonized on October 14th, 2018

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The Pope canonized Saint Romero on Sunday October 14th, 2018 in Rome. Saint Romero was appointed Archbishop of San Salvador, El Salvador, in 1977, during a period of widespread political violence, disappearances, and human rights violations. At the time, Archbishop Romero was not considered an outspoken advocate for people who were poor and oppressed. While many clergy and religious spoke out on their behalf, Archbishop Romero did not.

Soon after becoming archbishop, Father Rutilio Grande, his friend and fellow priest, was killed because of his outward support for oppressed communities. This deeply affected Saint Romero, and he began to publicly denounce violence and injustice, urging people to live out Christ’s Gospel message of love for neighbor. As Saint Romero began to speak up, people in villages across El Salvador tuned into his weekly radio homilies. He became an advocate for people who were poor—many called him the voice of the voiceless—and encouraged others to become advocates too.

He said, “We might be left without a radio station: God’s best microphone is Christ, and Christ’s best microphone is the Church, and the Church is all of you. Let each one of you, in your own job, in your own vocation—nun, married person, bishop, priest, high school or university student, day laborer, wage earner, market woman—one in your own place … live the faith intensely and feel that in your surroundings you are a true microphone of God our Lord.”

Saint Romero was such a loud microphone for God that he was assassinated while celebrating Mass on March 24, 1980. His witness reminds us to not remain quietly on the sidelines, but to become microphones for God. He inspires us to speak out with our brothers and sisters who need help breaking down systems and structures that perpetuate poverty and suffering. People around the world continue to face oppression in many forms—it’s up to us to be God’s microphone by advocating on their behalf.

Saint Romero used the radio to become God’s microphone. Today we can use social media, email, letter writing, and public events to bear witness to Christ’s Gospel message through legislative advocacy. It is one of the most effective ways to create real and lasting change. Legislative advocacy can influence decision making at local, national, and international levels to change unjust policies that negatively affect our brothers and sisters who are poor and vulnerable. One way to use legislative advocacy to become God’s microphone is by joining Catholics Confront Global Poverty, an initiative of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and Catholic Relief Services. CCGP provides email updates about policy issues that affect our brothers and sisters who are poor and vulnerable overseas and gives you the tools to advocate effectively on their behalf with your elected officials.

At All Souls, we practice helping the poor in our community and globally. We therefore will be adding Saint Romero as a second patron saint to our school and will celebrate his feast day in the future on October 14th as a patron saint for our school.


Dear Parents/Guardians,

Confirmation 2018

Last Saturday we celebrated the Sacrament of Confirmation for our 8th graders with Bishop Justice. It was a wonderful celebration and a meaningful liturgy. Thanks to Mr. Ceja for all the time and effort he put in preparing the students for this important sacrament in their lives.

Great California Shake Out

Today our school participated in the Great California Shake-Out Earthquake Drill. At 10:18 we conducted our earthquake drill along with other schools and businesses across California. I hope that every family is prepared for an earthquake, and that your children know what to do in the event of the earthquake at home. Please be assured that your children are in safe hands at school and they will be looked after until all families collect their children.

Some pointers for earth quake preparedness:

Drop, Cover, and Hold On

Why is it important to do a Drop, Cover, and Hold On drill? To react quickly you must practice often. You may only have seconds to protect yourself in an earthquake, before strong shaking knocks you down--or drops something on you. Practicing helps you be ready to respond.

  • If you are inside a building, move no more than a few steps, then Drop, Cover, and Hold On:
    • DROP to the ground (before the earthquake drops you!),
    • Take COVER by getting under a sturdy desk or table, and
    • HOLD ON to it until the shaking stops.

Stay indoors till the shaking stops and you are sure it is safe to exit. In most buildings you are safer if you stay where you are until the shaking stops.

  • If you are outdoors when the shaking starts, you should find a clear spot away from buildings, trees, streetlights, and power lines, then Drop, Cover and Hold On. Stay there until the shaking stops.
  • If you are driving, pull over to a clear location, stop and stay there with your seatbelt fastened until the shaking stops. Once the shaking stops, proceed with caution and avoid bridges or ramps that might have been damaged.

Ground shaking during an earthquake is seldom the cause of injury. Most earthquake-related injuries and deaths are caused by collapsing walls and roofs, flying glass and falling objects. It is extremely important for a person to move as little as possible to reach the place of safety he or she has identified because most injuries occur when people try to move more than a short distance during the shaking.

Look around you now-before an earthquake. Identify safe places such as under a sturdy piece of furniture or against an interior wall in your home, office or school so that when the shaking starts you can respond quickly. An immediate response to move to the safe place can save lives. And that safe place should be within a few steps to avoid injury from flying debris.

Annual Report

This week I released the 2017-2018 Annual Report. The report gives a comprehensive view of the past school year. I hope you take time to read through it and I wish to thank all those who assisted with the production of it. To view the report follow the following link:

Sealing of the Car Park and Upper Yard

The final sealing coat for the upper and lower yards is going to take place on Monday and Tuesday of next week. This means that the parking lot will be closed for parking and drop off and pick up. We will be dismissing students the same way as we did for the festival. You will need to use the Miller Avenue doors to enter and exit the building.

1. Pick up will be staggered beginning at 2.30 pm.

2. Children from Grades K, 1 and 2 along with older siblings of these children will be picked up at 2.30pm. You will need to park on the streets. You will then go into the cafeteria to pick up your child/children.

3. Children from Grades 3, 4, 5 and 6 along with older siblings of these children will be picked up at 2.45pm. You will need to park on the streets. You will then go into the cafeteria to pick up your child/children.

4. Children from Grades 7 and 8 will be picked up at 3.00pm. You will need to park on the streets. You will then go into the cafeteria to pick up your child/children.


I am pleased to announce that Mrs. Chand has been employed as the 3rd/4th Grade Teacher Assistant. Her background includes 12 years of teaching in Fiji. We welcome her to this new position.

Parent - Teacher Conferences

Parent-Teacher Conferences will be occurring from Wednesday, Nov. 7th to Friday, Nov. 9th. The link for your child's registration of a time can be found on SchoolSpeak. Please register for a conference as soon as possible.

All Souls and All Saints Day Masses

On November 1st and November 2nd Mass for the students will be at 8am in the Church with the rest of the parish community. Please ensure that your child is at the church by 7:55 am

God Bless,

Vincent Riener


SLE Recognition Awards

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Miss J's Journal

“From ghoulies and ghosties and long-leggetty beasties and things that go bump in the night, Good Lord deliver us.” – traditional Scottish prayer

I have never enjoyed horror movies, but many people do. I have seen a few of the classics over the years, but this is definitely not my go-to movie genre. But, to each their own.

I was disturbed last year, from an educator’s point of view, to hear that many of our first and second graders had gone to see the movie It. This is an R-rated movie with beatings, shootings, swearing, and sex-related conversations. I don’t understand why these young children would have been taken to see such a movie, and it did affect their behavior at school, causing several inappropriate incidents.

Now I am hearing our young students, some as young as kindergarten, talking about playing violent video games, including Call of Duty, at home. Call of Duty games are first person shooter games that are known for blood and profanity. Why in the world is a five-year-old playing such a game? Needless to say, many of these same children are hurting each other at recess because they are playing live versions of these games on the yard.

I will not tell any parent what is the right way to raise their children. I would like to pass along a resource, though, that might be a valuable tool in helping parents research media choices that are appropriate for their children’s age and maturity level. It is called Common Sense Media ( and has detailed book, movie, and game reviews along with information on websites, apps, and answers to parent questions about media and children. I hope you will find this helpful.

All the best,

Miss J


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Box Tops for Education was started by General Mills in California back in 1996, after the company decided they wanted to create a program to help support education and benefit America’s schools. All Souls has benefitted from this program over the years, receiving sports equipment, microscopes, and a variety of other educational items.

You can help by clipping the Box Tops off approved products you already have in your pantry. You don't need to clip the actual product UPC — just the Box Tops logo will do. From frozen foods to produce and household cleaning products, there are literally hundreds of opportunities to help, and each Box Top is worth 10 cents. Doesn't sound like a lot, but it adds up fast.

There are so many participating companies! Participating companies and product lines include General Mills, Green Giant, Totino's, Pillsbury, Old El Paso, Ziploc, Hefty, Juicy Juice, Betty Crocker and many more. For a full list of eligible items check the Box Tops for Education website at .

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22- Annual Class Pumpkin Patch Field Trip

25- First Communion Parent Mtg. - 7pm

31- Halloween - Parade & Classroom Parties


1- All Saints Day - 8am Mass (Full School Uniform)

2- All Souls Day - 8am Mass (Full School Uniform)

4- School Family Mass - 9am

5- Early Dismissal - 2:30pm - Faculty Meeting

7-8-9- 12:20pm Dismissal - Parent-Teacher Conferences

7- Athletic Board Meeting - 6:30pm

11- Veteran's Day

12- Veteran's Day Observance - Holiday

14- Principal's Awards Ceremony - 9am

16- Athletic Board Spaghetti Feed

19- Staff Dev. Mtg. - 12:20 Dismissal - Athl. Board Hot Dog Sale

20- School Board Mtg. - 6:30pm - Annex Meeting Room

21- 12:20 Dismissal - No Extended Care after school

Thanksgiving Prayer Service - 11:30am (Full School Uniform)

22-23- Thanksgiving Holiday

29- Baseball & Volleyball Awards - 6:30pm - Church Hall



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