King of Pop's 'Thriller'

The Greatest Album Of All Time!

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Do you enjoy listening to legendary artists? Do you enjoy listening to classic's like Michael Jackson? Well the album 'Thriller' is the perfect album for you!
Michael Jackson is a legendary icon and his music is known as classics. 'Thriller' is the biggest selling album in the whole world and has sold over 100 million copies worldwide! This album features great songs which has turned into hits in a 2 week time period, his great videos has changed history in the music industry, as well as breaking racial barriers. Jackson has made collaborations with the former Beatles band member, Paul McCartney to produce an amazing song.

Some of the hits from his album!

your spines will thrill, goosebumps will rise, and your body will move to the beat of this chart smashing song!

Michael Jackson - Thriller

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