The Differences Between

Catholicism and Buddhism

Beliefs- Catholicism

Catholics believe that there is an ultimate reality, an ever present God, the Holy Trinity (The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit), and believe that when your body dies, if you have been a good Catholic, your soul we ascend to heaven, but if you have been a bad Catholic, your soul will descend into Hell for all eternity.

Beliefs- Buddhism

Buddhists believe that the life is a journey towards the path of enlightenment, and that to reach the path of enlightenment, you must be kind to both people and animals, develop ones minds and achieve wisdom, as wisdom is the ultimate path to enlightenment. Buddhists believe that life is a constant cycle, and that the path to enlightenment is achieved over many lifetimes through reincarnation, Buddhists believe that you will continue to be reincarnated until you achieve enlightenment. Depending on what type of person you were good or bad, that will decide what you are in the next life cycle. Good= Something higher up on the food chain. Bad= A lowly creature, such as a rat.

Sacred Stories- Catholicism

Catholic sacred stories include such things like, the Gospels (M, M, L, J), Explanation story's, myths or legends that have a deeper meaning or moral lesson, such as Genesis 19:26, where Lot's wife was turned into a pillar of salt for looking at the city, when God said to walk away and not look back. Prophets (Important people in religion)

Sacred Stories- Buddhism

Sacred stories for buddhism are more or less guidelines to live your life by, not stating that these actually happened, but emphasise the lessons behind the story's, such as Buddha’s journey, in his search of enlightenment, The Larger Sutra of Immeasurable Life which is a guideline for a purer life, and finally Sukhavati which refers to the pure land where Buddha is, and where it is believed that those who find enlightenment go to after death.

Religious Experience- Catholicism

Catholic religious experience includes social gatherings such as Sunday Mass or a more personal and inclosed way of insight such as a Sacred Space, both featuring personal insight, being a strong way of connecting with god, and looking into ones self to find peace, becoming one with god and strengthening the bond.

Religious Experience- Buddhism

Buddhist religious experience is focused on personal insight, just stopping to think about your life and your journey through it, ways of achieving personal insight include Meditating, shutting out distractions and other thoughts that aren't peaceful, Temples for Meditation, to truly shut yourself off from the rest of the world, and just overall Personal thought and insight throughout your life.

Religious Ritual- Catholicism

Religious ritual for Catholicism is very social, having traditions that are done as a community, experiencing these things together, instead of just yourself, these rituals include things such as Sunday Eucharist, where you can gather and worship together as a community, Grace, said before every meal to give thanks for the opportunity to eat, Rosary, to "meditate'' in a way, or have personal experience, initiation- Baptism is another strong way of showing connection with the religion.

Religious Ritual- Buddhism

Buddhist religious ritual is focused on personal insight, and trying to find enlightenment, these rituals include, deep meditation, deep thought of ones life, and not taking the life of another living organism, which strongly contrasts with most Buddhists being vegetarian or vegan.

Social Structure- Catholicism

The Catholic social structure is focused on both important people in the Church and regular church goers that aren't "important", and important dates that have significant meaning. Some of these social structures include things, such as the Pope, Cardinals, Archbishop, Bishops, Priests,Lay People, Christmas, Easter, Sacraments.(baptism)

Church, Catholic School, Cathedrals, Parish, Diocese/Arch,

Social Structure- Buddhism

In mainstream Buddhism there are priests that spend most time meditating in the temple, and then leading other Buddhists in deep prayer/thought/meditation. Most priests have yogis, that assist the priests in ceremonies, organising meditation and leading deep thought.

Sacred Text- Catholicism

The Catholic sacred texts, are both important references or teachings to help you to live life in a way that is appeasing to God, like the Bible and Sacred scrolls, or things such as important letters from the pope, about things that are affecting the Christian faith/church.

Sacred Text- Buddhism

Sacred texts in the Buddhist religion are focused on ways of finding enlightenment, highlighting the pure essence of life, these sacred texts include the Tripitaka; which is divided into three parts, highlighting Sutras, Abhidharma, and Vinaya, and Tibetan Book of the Dead; which describes the consciousness after death, and the journey that the soul goes through.

Religious Ethics- Catholicism

Catholic ethics are guided to be how to live your life as a good catholic, living the way that God intended you to, these ethics/guidelines include the10 Commandments, treating others how you’d like to be treated, Jesus’ Message, and important messages that Pope Francis said that relates to a pure life.

Religious Ethics- Buddhism

Buddhist religious ethics are greatly focused on living a more peaceful and pure lifestyle, that will help you on your path to enlightenment, these ethics include such things as, avoiding taking the life of another living being, avoid taking things that are not given, avoid sensual misconduct, refrain from false speech, abstain from substances which cause intoxication and heedlessness, and finally to live basicly as the Buddha did.

Sacred Symbols- Catholicism

Cross- A symbol of Christ's sacrifice

Dove- Holy Spirit

Bread and Wine- The blood and body of Christ

Candle- The light of Christianity in a dark world.

Fish- Jesus Christ

Sacred Symbols- Buddhism

Eight Auspicious Symbols;

1). A Conch Shell

2). A Lotus

3). A Wheel

4). A Parasol (Umbrella)

5). An Endless Knot

6). A Pair of Golden Fishes

7). A Banner Proclaiming Victory

8). A Treasure Vase