layers of the earth

The earth is made of a number of layers.They are called the crust,mantle.outer core and inner core.Each one is constantly moving.Every earthquake you feel is the earth getting smaller and smaller.Also try guess which one is 6000 to 5000 degrees.
Layers of the Earth

What exactly is an Earthquake?

An earthquake is when two tectonic plates rub against each other cause the ground to shake.

There are three types of earthquakes:

1)They pull apart from each other

2)Push into each other

3)Scraping against each other.

New Zealand probably get lots of the convergent earthquakes because they are the ones that make mountains. New Zealand has lots of mountains!

You can keep safe by dropping to the floor and holding onto a chair or a table and cover your head. Keep away from anything that might fall like glass, boxes or shelves.