Matcha the Superfood

Why you should be drinking matcha!

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Matcha green tea continues to be a hot food trend in 2016! The Japanese green tea is being whisked into hot and cold water as well as fruit drinks.
How to Make Matcha Green Tea - Steeped Tea
3 Step Matcha Chia Pudding Recipe

There are multiple ways to use Matcha Daily!

With no sign of slowing down, we’ve come up with some more ways to use the beloved green tea.

4) Add Matcha to trail mix

Take your favorite seeds, dried fruit (like mangos or pineapple), almonds, and peanuts and add a pinch of Pineapple Punch Matcha. Snack on this while at your desk or serve it to your health conscious party guests.

5) Cold brew matcha
Steeped Tea Consultants love to shake matcha into their favorite cold fruit juice. It can be shaken into orange juice for a fruity taste. Try matcha with ice water. Fill a water bottle with the water, leaving room at the top for shaking. Scoop in a half teaspoon of matcha into the bottle and shake. Add extra ice cubes to make it refreshingly cold.

6) Stick to old favorites
Try any blend of matcha in your favorite smoothie or whisk it into a bowl and sip it slowly. Ready to experiment? Blend matcha into a small amount of water until it becomes a paste. Lather onto your skin for a facemask. You’ll be feeling extra smooth.
How do you like your matcha? Share your ideas using #MeetYourMatcha on Instagram!

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