Reading Legends

By: Amant Bajwa

Nnewts, By: Doug TenNapel

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The last book that I have read is Nnewts by Doug TenNapel. This book is about a boy who can’t walk. Few pages in the book both of his parents died because their village got raided by lizzarks. Also his only sister went missing. He was forced to leave the village through a secret passage. In the middle of the book he meets a person who helps Herk (main character) get his true legs back from the Snake Lord (this part was very confusing). At the end of the book Herk ends up in a city and he is still in danger because the bad guy’s brainwashed Herks uncle which was a hunter to find and kill Herk. Also the last picture was of his sister beside the evil master mid of the whole thing.

Connection/ Inference

The first connection is that when Herks dad died Herk felt very sad. I can connect to this because when my dad went to India I felt an empty feeling inside because my dad was missing.I infer that Herks sister will try to escape because she had this very sad/mad face. Also I think this because they kidnapped her so she has to at least try to escape. The second connection is that when Herk finally got his legs he was all happy and exited to try them out. I can relate to this because when I was little I always wanted to have this toy car and when I got is was more than happy and exited.

Almost There!

So far I have read 32 books in this year. I’m not very prod because last year I read around 80 books. I wanted to beat that this year and bet this goal for next year. I wouldn’t be happy if I only read 40 books. Even one more would be better than 40.I think I’m going to read book that count for two books to reach 40. Or I can read short books and write them down for 1 book because one book is 1-somethin pages. I will do the second on if I want to beat it but I’m sticking will the first one.