The Hexapede land herbivore

What is a Hexapede?

These creatures are not a naturally bred species. They are a cross between a dear and a lunar moth. The eye pattern on their fan looking similar to the lunar moth, also having six legs looking similar to the moth. Their bodies' size and shape, however are similar to the deer. The blue-ish color also comes from the lunar moth. This animal is a heterotroph, their food supply being leaves and berries.

Animal's anatomy

This animal resembles a dear, but with 6 legs. They are dark blue with white and yellow stripes. They have small sloped skulls topped with a retractable light-colored fan structure. The fan on its head has an eye pattern on it, similar to that of Terran insects. Behind this fan-like structure are two horns that may pivot on the head. Their eyes are wide spread and large, and they have sloped snouts. Another characteristic of this animal would be the "beard" that hangs under the jaw and runs through the neck. A long, thin neck and legs ending in round, beveled hooves also characterize this creature. Lastly, the size range is up to 1.5 meters long and 2 meters in height. This animal happens to breathe out of its nostrils

How does this animal behave?

Hexapede's behavior/ eating habits

These creatures appear to have little hostility among their own heard or among a predator. They are moderately fast runners, although they can maneuver fast to eat berries and leaves from trees. However, they are not harmful to humans because their eating habits do not consist of meat.

Who discovered this species?

The question is not who discovered it, rather who created it. Dr. Robert Fince bred the lunar moth and the deer together and created the so called "Hexapede" in the year 2014 in a lab in San Francisco.