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Daily Lives

  • The city state would decide if the new baby boy or girl is strong enough to be a Spartan citizen
  • When a 6 year old boy turns 7 he leaves his mother and gets sent to a special military for 23 years to lean discipline, athleticism, survival skills, hunting
  • Boys were allowed to marry a wife but could not live with his wife


  • The culture of Sparta was focused on their military
  • The Sparta culture was always was fighting
  • The Sparta government was a Mixed state government
  • The Sparta military took over Ancient Greece and they became the rulers of Ancient Greece


  • The religion of Sparta was Polytheism.
  • Polytheism means that they believed in many gods not just one god.
  • The Spartans looked after the belief of powerful Olympics
  • Spartans have really high respect for gods they do not ask questions when something is told.

Schooling of Sparta

  • The Sparta schooling kids were taught to have a maintain army
  • They also learned how to read and write but those are not really important to the Spartans
  • The boys were mostly always hungry they did not eat a lot
  • They were beaten occasionally, if they cried they would be beaten
  • They were taught how lie and steal


  • Sparta has some of the bloodiest battles
  • The Messenian War in the 7th or 6th century
  • The Megaran War in the early 5th century


  • The diet the Spartans ate was humble and basic
  • Spartan soldier would eat natural food like meat and fish
  • They always ate honey, drank milk, and bread

Buildings in Sparta

  • The buildings they had were not as big as they are no they had a theater
  • They had a temple of stone and having 2 chambers inside
  • They have public barracks (Barracks- A building or group used to house soldiers. Google.)

Interesting Facts

  • Sparta is always known as Lacedaemon
  • Sparta got a reputation of military power
  • Spartan troops were thought to be best troops
  • When a boy is about 6 or 7 they leave their family to go to a special military
  • Life in Sparta was focused on making more soldiers 6 & up
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