Tiny Teddy train Recipe

By Senuja


to make a succesful TTT.


  • Choclate (melted)
  • Smarties
  • Milky way bars
  • Liquarish sticks
  • Liquarish assaults
  • Tiny teddies


  • Micrwave
  • Knife


  1. First get the choclate and melt it in the microwave and get a milky bar and put choclate on side.
  2. Next put smarties on sides. On top of milky ba rput melted choclate and put Liquarish stick.
  3. Put melted choclate on the middle and other end.
  4. Finnaly put tiny teddy in middle and other end.
  5. Enjoy


  • Make it for childs birthday
  • Put on Birthday cake
  • Put in party bags
  • when putting melted choclate dip it
How to make Tiny Teddy trains
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