Barclay Bulletin

Remote Learning Volume 8

Reflections on the Past Week

Occasionally I will communicate my thoughts through the Barclay Bulletin. They are connected to specific incidents or events which have impacted the school or community.

This past week has been very difficult for American citizens, and the frustration felt around the country has led to protests and civil unrest in Minneapolis, Louisville, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and even Rochester. It is hard to wrap my head around the far-reaching impacts to our community as we witness events in real time.

Time will determine if the decisions made by local and national leaders will result in positive changes for our country, but I feel that this is a time to engage in dialogue as a community. It is a time to listen and allow everybody to be heard. My social group is exclusively Caucasian. This does not really allow for different points of view to be heard and integrated into my current beliefs. That needs to change. I need to do better as a building leader and as a community member. For those of you who wish to engage in a meaningful dialogue with me, I welcome that opportunity. Social distancing may make that difficult in the immediate future, but there are still ways to engage. I can be reached via email at or by calling the school at 637-1840. We can even utilize technology to engage in virtual meetings. I would appreciate the opportunity to listen.

We must do better as a nation. We have an opportunity to set a positive example for change, an example we will be proud to model for our children. I look forward to your thoughts.

Barclay Item Exchange Plan

Please see the attached letter below for details specific to the plan for item exchange at Barclay School. The letter outlines the directions to follow while bringing back computers, chargers, and library books as well as picking up items left in classrooms and lockers. There will be a different traffic pattern in our parking lot June 15th and 16th to allow vehicles to pull up to the building in the fire lane. Please remain in vehicles until given permission to exit and approach the exchange tables. Drop the items off at our return table, you will then be allowed to approach the cafeteria windows to receive your personal items. If your classroom teacher is volunteering at a specific time on either of those dates, you will be allowed to have a brief conversation before moving back to your vehicle.

Important Information:

Student devices MUST be returned to school on the designated Drop-Off and Pick-Up Days in order to receive materials and/or enter the building.

There is no classroom access for students.

Restrooms will NOT be available so plan your trip accordingly.

Please stay home if someone in your family is ill or if someone in your family has traveled abroad to a location where a travel advisory has been issued. Contact the school, and we will arrange alternative plans for picking/dropping-off.

Library Materials

You may have received an e-mail regarding the books still checked out on your child's account. Please do not worry if you do not see the book immediately at home, there is a good chance it is still in a locker or desk at school. Teachers are currently preparing the classrooms for closure and summertime cleaning. Library books left in the classrooms and lockers will be returned to the library and checked into our system. We can let you know if you still have outstanding library books when you return the computers and chargers to school. We won't be checking the library system regularly the next two weeks, but we hope to have an updated list by June 15th. If you have specific questions related to library materials, feel free to reach out to Mrs. Setter at

Don't Forget the Budget Presentation this Evening at the Board Meeting

The information is linked below.