CHS Family Update

June 3rd, 2019

What an amazing weather weekend!

The weather was out of this world this weekend. I had a chance to pick up a couple used bikes for the kids as they are constantly growing and we made out for a bike ride in the sunshine. We spent some time around a fire pit and played games. It was nice to let go of school for the weekend and dream of the summer moths ahead of us. Here's to hoping you had some great relaxing time this weekend.

In The Know

Graduation Tickets - Do not horde them and sell them. That is the epitome of classless behavior.

Library Notice - All seniors' library books and textbooks are due back on Wednesday, June 5th. Seniors must return all their books and pay all their fines for lost materials before they can pick up their diploma. Please contact Debbie or Tiffany in the library with questions at 541-790-5139.

Summer Art Classes at Maude Kerns Art Center -

Summer School - Our focus with students, especially in high school is to address students who are credit deficient early as opposed to later in their school journey. Making sure that our students graduate on time and have all the access and opportunity to be successful in the world is of key and paramount importance. Each and every year of high school is increasingly complex and more rigorous than the last. Falling behind by as little as half a credit and have exponential impacts as the years accrue. A great fallacy that exists, is that if a student is merely a half (0.5) credit behind they can easily make that up later and isn't to be worried about. I disagree completely. No student should be credit deficient at any point in their educational journey at Churchill High School. Accepting this philosophy is synonymous with lowering the bar of excellence and expectations in life. I can't stand behind that mind set or line of thinking.

This summer any student that is not on track for graduation will be invited and enrolled into Summer School. We need to ensure that all students are focused on the end goal of graduation and preparing themselves for the world after high school. Our job to to make good on our promise that we will make your students feel safe, special and that we will ensure that they learn. Promises come with strong and impassioned work, which includes registration and enrollment in summer school if the student is not on track for graduation.

Join Upstart Crow Children's Theatre for a wide variety of camps and musical theatre fun all summer! Join us for our week long Outdoor Theatre Camps throughout the summer for ages 5-8 or 9-13 with fun themes such as Elephant and Piggie, Where the Wild Things Are, Robin Hood and more. If you're looking for musical theatre fun come be a part of one of our Summer Stock Productions—join us for High School Musical 2 Jr. (Ages 12-18) July 15-26 and Music Man KIDS (Ages 8-12) August 12-23. Whether your child is an experienced thespian, or looking to try out the stage for the first time, Upstart Crow Children's Theatre provides an inclusive environment for a diverse community of students.

For more information and to register for a camp or production visit our website at Tuition assistance available to qualified families.

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Summer School Flyer

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Looking Forward

Graduation Ceremonies

Eugene International High School, Thursday, June 6, 7 p.m., Silva Hall, Hult Center, 1 Eugene Center
South Eugene High School, Friday, June 7, 7 p.m., Silva Hall, Hult Center, 1 Eugene Center
North Eugene High School, Saturday, June 8, 2 p.m., Swede Stadium at NEHS, 200 Silver Lane
ECCO, Monday, June 10, 7 p.m., Silva Hall, Hult Center, 1 Eugene Center
Sheldon High School, Tuesday, June 11, 7 p.m., Silva Hall, Hult Center, 1 Eugene Center
Churchill High School, Wednesday, June 12, 7 p.m., Silva Hall, Hult Center, 1 Eugene Center

This Week...

Graduation Tickets at lunch in Jill's office (extra tickets are sold out)

Monday, 6/3

8:30 am — IHS Graduation Rehearsal at SEHS

10:15 am — IHS Farewell Assembly at SEHS

6:30 pm — Track and Field Banquet

Tuesday, 6/4

2:15–4:30 pm — Summer and Full-Time Jobs Workshop

7:00 pm — Music Gala Concert

Wednesday, 6/5 — LAST DAY FOR SENIORS (full day)

3:30 pm — Engineering Showcase

Thursday, 6/6

lunch — Cross Country Meeting

3:45 pm — Site Council

7:00 pm — IHS Graduation at the Hult Center, 1 Eugene Center

Friday, 6/7

FIRE DRILL (4th period)

Saturday, 6/8

4:00 pm — AVID Graduation Ceremony in the Churchill auditorium


Lance Eagan and students for preparing samples for our new Lancer sweatshirts. You work with your students has been noticed as they came to the library last week and delivered an exceptionally professional and poignant demonstration of business model for having logos selected. The students were beyond prepared and the product and process was exceptionally crisp and professional. Excellent work.

Congratulations Chris Mudd - Churchill High School Band has the 5th highest GPA in the state of Oregon in 5A category!!!!!!

Mary Beth Hepp-Elam - Thank you so much for your hard work and focus with our WISE Symposium. You dedicated a significant number of hours and also had to contend with the snow storm and a busy calendar. Thank you for your commitment!

Congratulations to Sheree Houck for organizing the Senior Awards night last Tuesday. It was a reverent evening with a nice representation of families. It was formal feeling with casual grace. Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into this event. You truly made our students and their families feel special.

Bill Krei - 1st place in the Spiral Staircase Design Challenge. Your focus with these students is amazing and steadfast. Kids are just clamoring over these classes. Way to go with an engaging competition and for making learning relevant.

CHS Staff Assembly - Renee Neill thank you for your on-going energy and commitment to maiing student leadership thrive this year. It is impressive and meaningful work. We all appreciate you and what you do for students.

Judy Kerner - Thank you for always being willing to take the lead on choreographing the staff dance each year. It is a with a positive and contagious attitude that you rally our staff into being supportive for our kids. Thank you for that extra something special you bring to our staff.

PowerTuff - AJ Robinson thank you for taking on this exciting event. It needed leadership and support and you stepped up to the plate to take it on. I am thankful for your contributions as are the students who participated. Many many thanks and debts of gratitude to your willingness to step into this role for support.

Nita Halstead - Congratulations on landing officially at CHS and additionally, I want to call out that I have noticed your spending extended time prepping a resource folder, exemplifying the spirit of Churchill by finishing strong on turbo drive. Thank you for your heartfelt focus on doing whats best for students.