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Minidoka County School District

Week of February 8-12

Upcoming Dates

February 9-Admin Meeting

February 11-IBB training for negotiations team only 5-7

February 15-No School

February 17- MTSS/RTI Secondary only Conf. Room 2 8:30-11:30 am

February 18- New Teacher Mentor Training 3:45

February 23- Cabinet Meeting

February 23-IBB training 9-3

February 24- Testing Coordinator Training 8:30-11

February 25-26 Idaho Principal's Network

Admin Agenda-February 9



Updates from Superintendent Ybarra

· Parents have the right to decide how to educate their children, whether through public school, private school or home schooling. Idaho Code, 33-1012 codifies this right. The Board of Education has been charged constitutionally and statutorily with the general supervision of Idaho’s public school system and for setting standards for a uniform and thorough system of public education. If parents choose to send their children through the public school system and want their children to receive a diploma from a public high school, those students must meet the graduation requirements set forth by the Board of Education and adopted by the State through the administrative rule process. Those requirements are found in IDAPA These graduation requirements set forth the minimum graduation requirements. School districts are allowed to, and often do, set higher graduation requirements.

· IDAPA, requires students in Idaho public schools to achieve a proficient or advanced score on the grade 10 (ten) Idaho Standards Achievement Test (ISAT) in math, reading and language usage in order to graduate. The Board waived the requirement that students receive a proficient or advanced score on the ISAT, for the 2015-2016 school year. The Board did not waive the requirement that students take the ISAT; however a student will be permitted to graduate in 2016 even if the student did not take the ISAT, for whatever reason. No other decisions have been made as to future classes, therefore, the ISAT achievement of proficient or higher is currently a graduation requirement for the class of 2017. We will keep you informed if this information changes.

Gifted and Talented

Please review the district's GT Plan before the next admin meeting. A discussion will be held regarding the GT plan.

Food for Thought

Computer Science for All Students

Weekly Address: Giving Every Student an Opportunity to Learn Through Computer Science For All

Tip for Healthy Living


Guidance Issued on How Schools Can Partner with Outside Organizations that Provide Single-Sex Programs under Title IX

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