The Five Themes of Golf

Tyler Weaks

The Five Themes of Geography

The five themes of geography are Region, Place, Movement, Location, and Relationships. Region is how people and places share one or more common features. Place is the physical and cultural characteristics of the areas on Earth. Movement is the movement of people, goods, and ideas across Earth. Location is the map and plot of the positions of particular spots on Earth's surface. Relationships is how people interact within their environments.


In tournaments we play with other student athletes from schools within our region of North Texas. If you look at our tournament schedule we stay around the North Texas area because geographically that is where we are located and all of the other team we play with are located.


Place in golf is really when you are in the moment you can just lose yourself in the smell of the freshly cut grass, the sight of your ball in mid air as it approaches the green, you can hear the birds chirping and the wind blowing in the eerie silence. You're in the zone and in the moment.


There is a lot of movement in golf. You move up in your team. You move to the next golf course to play your next round. Even during a round you walk and move to each hole and within each hole you move to your ball. But in golf the movement is always forwards.


Location in golf for me is at Riverchase Golf Course. The Freshman Coppell Golf team practices there everyday after school.


The relationship between golf and the environment is a very strong bond. The people take care of the environment by watering the grass, cutting the grass, and maintaining the course. As you are playing your are supposed to repair your divots and ball marks throughout the course.