Holiday PebbleGo Trivia!

12 Days Of Fun For You & Your Family Over The Holidays!

Happy Holiday students and families....

This year during the holiday break, I have created something fun for you to do that will keep you learning, creating, investigating and collaborating with one another.

It is called Holiday PebbleGo Trivia!

Each day you will go to this Smore and I will post a new trivia question. You can use any of the 6 PebbleGo databases that we have for our library to answer the questions.

There will also be a challenge to the question each day that will ask you to dig a little deeper as you create something too. It could be an activity asking you to draw, bake, construct, go outside and other fun challenges for you and your family to do together.

You will keep track of the trivia answers and your challenges on the Holiday PebbleGo Trivia Google Doc. All you have to do is go to this link and make your own copy. When you add your answers, it will just be on your copy now.

I hope you have a very special time celebrating with your family. I can't wait to see and hear what all of you learn in PebbleGo this holiday season too.

Mrs. Miller

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