is football actually safe?

By: Giff Stiansen

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Did you know that "all players at all levels have a 75 percent chance of suffering a concussion in their careers..." (CNN Reports). People should be more concerned about the health risks associated with football rather then the enjoyment of playing a game.

Over the years of playing a high-impact sports, there are injuries that cause permanent brain damage. According to Bennet Omalu" We are born with a certain number of neurons. We can only lose them; we cannot create new neurons to replenish old or dying ones." People have to be carful and think twice because the neurons are the nerve cells, and there an important part of our brains. When you play high impact sports you can get chronic traumatic encephalopathy, there are very bad symptoms to C.T.E. Bennet Omalu also says that" Depending on the severity of the condition, the child now has a risk of manifesting symptoms of C.T.E like major depression, memory loss, suicidal thoughts and actions, loss of intelligence as well as dementia later in life." This is important to people who play high-impact sports because they have a big chance of getting these symptoms, and cause people to act differently. The brain plays an important role, because it helps you function and do other things. The brain is a really big risk factor when playing physical sports. According to Bennet Omalu" The risk of permanent impairment is heighten by the fact that the brain, unlike most other organs doesn't have the capacity to cure itself following all types of injuries." This is why the brain is a really big risk factor, people want their brains to function correctly and do other things that are important in life. Parents won't let there kids run out on the field because they rather have there kids who are healthy and brains work properly then just a good athlete. Parents should not let there kids play football, football is a dangerous sport for many kids and causes irreversible brain damage that will always affect their life.

There are many injuries for different people depending on there age, people also have to make wise decisions as they grow up. "The human brain becomes fully developed at about 18 to 25 years old. We should at least wait for our children to grow up, be provided with the information and education on the risks of play, and let them make their own decisions ." People have to make the right decision that can let them live a safe life when they are older. " in the film, concussion, smith portrays a doctor trying to convince that Americans most popular sport league to deal with its head trauma." In the movie Concussion , Mike Webster a 50 year old football legend died of a heart attack, revealed chronic traumatic encephalopathy or C.T.E. This is showing that football isn't a safe sport for people to play, and that people must be carful and think More into it and make the right choice. I play football for Oceanside Middle School, and Stallions, it's not safe at all. I almost had a concussion from football and it wasn't pleasant at all. People are getting hit in the head so hard a lot of times it can cause permanent brain damage. You should think twice about playing football, and think about your health before the game.

Critics claim that the benefits of playing football out weigh the health risks. Although there are benefits to playing football, the health risks are still far more important. People should care more about their health, the most common risk is a concussion. People want their brain to function correct and not lose there nerves in their brain."... An average of roughly 25,400 kids under the age of 19 to the emergency room every year for brain injuries..." People who play football don't wanna be rushed to the hospital for a serious injury.

People should be more concerned about the health risks associated with football rather then the enjoyment of playing a game. The reason why your health is more important is because you can get seriously injured, and I don't mean a little cut or a black and blue, I mean permanent brain damage. Coaches make the practice so hard on kids and very physical. Instead the coach shouldn't make it so physical for the kids so the feel safer and have less of a chance of getting a concussion.
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