Using Technology 2 Promote Learning

Richard Thompson - MASSP Module # 2

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Technology with Purpose

In my vision to utilize technology to promote a shared vision in my high School - (The Swartz Creek Academy, an alternative high school serving students from advanced placement in college to students on parole) - I have been very purposeful in my approach to connect to the business world and latest aspects of social media and technology to reach out to all stakeholders.

In this interactive webpage I will -

  1. Explain the technology I use (Explanation)
  2. The reason I use it (Purpose)
  3. How I use the technology to promote a shared vision (Application)
  4. Give you an interactive experience. (Experience)

My mantra is - Technology with Purpose -

May you utilize this activity that is being written for the MASSP

(Michigan Association of Secondary School Principals ) path to Leadership certification, beyond the purpose of its'completion, yet to incorporate the ideas and links in your own world of education.


Below please find the link to the Google Doc of this paper...

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Before we go further...

First thing we must begin with is...

Do you have a QR code reader?

If not, please download now it is on ITunes and Google play link below...

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The QR Code


QR = Quick Response Code, it is a type of matrix code that was first utilized in japan in the automotive industry...


To utilize a smart phone or tablet that will bring the user to a webpage that is programmed in the bar-code.


In the classroom for students to have their work connected to the QR code for example a webpage of their Data portfolio, Art work, proposal.

I also use it for advertising for the school, our school APP, treasure hunts, curriculum lessons- the application is endless.


I posted this flyer (and many others) all over our school to have an interactive experience with the students speaking of the Mode of Operation - Modus Operandi - Our Latin life Lesson for the week.

Please use your smart phone / tablet to see where the QR code above brings you.

If you do not have the QR code reader - the link is below...

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Create your own QR code


You can create your own Quick Response code for an interactive experience. All you need is the URL of the webpage you want the QR code to be linked to and embed in the QR code generator.


To be able to have the end user go directly to the webpage


Improve organizational learning and learning on many levels - Students can create QR codes for projects, Staff for curriculum, advertising, all stake holders utilize this for transparency.


There are many free QR code generators, I have used many, below please find link below and create your own with a URL and test it out.

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FYI : Not the delicious campfire treat !


A brilliant webpage builder that is easy to use.


For students and staff to compile information that can host a plethora of links and information.


ENDLESS - For teacher newsletters, research, presentation, advertising, newsletters etc.


You are on a SMORE webpage right now. You can see how I utilized the smore for my entire school who created a presentation entitled ' my big idea Just for the World"

link below...

Note: It is a free account and you get 4 free webpages (Flyers) with option to purchase monthly or yearly account.

(I have had my account for 3 years and have over 450 webpages)

Now you can create your own account and begin your technology with purpose.

Link Below...

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Social Media

Indeed utilizing social media...




Are a given so I shall not go into detail in these that are staples in my organization...

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Bonus information... TWEETDECK

You may not know about Tweetdeck...

This is indeed brilliant for an educator to utilize twitter on a high level...

You can schedule tweets, and have as many different hashtags, threads open at one time..

please see link below to test it out...

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The ultimate in Technology to promote Learning... THE APP


This is indeed the ultimate application in using technology with purpose while improving organizational learning and efficiency - the APP !

I utilized the SMORE webpages as links to many of the buttons on the APP.

Thus the basics of the above aforementioned learning has purpose...


The APP ! - "An app is a type of software that allows you to perform specific tasks. Applications for desktop or laptop computers are sometimes called desktop applications, and those for mobile devices are called mobileapps. When you open an application, it runs inside the operating system until you close it."


To transform all technology into one button. the APP


To have , phone numbers, links, social media, teacher links, total transparency and connection with all stakeholders.


Please click on the link below to the APP I created for our school stakeholders. this web-based app mirrors the app that you can download on any smart phone or tablet.

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To infinity and beyond..

In closing , at least for the purpose of the MASSP Activity: Using Technology to Promote Learning - ISLLC Standard 1.5

I have shown above how I have promoted a shard vision for learning utilizing technology with purpose in my school. This technology will empower the classroom stakeholders to continuously improve technology and efficiency.

I have, as you can tell used 'THE OTHER" option to state my case and presentation.

Thank you professor Ben Mainka from MASSP


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Below please find a link to a presentation on Technology with purpose given at state and national levels...

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The Assignment...

MASSP Activity: Using Technology to Promote Learning

ISLLC Standard 1.5


  • Watch the video by Salman Kahn – Let’s Use Video to Reinvent Education
  • Read the article 7 Habits of Tech-Leading Principals
  • Explain how you as a leader will utilize technology to promote a shared vision for learning. This could include how you would promote and establish classroom technology use and/or how you would use technology to improve organizational and learning efficiency. In your explanation, you need to include how you would use social media as a leader (i.e, Twitter, Facebook, Google +, EdModo, etc…) explanation can be made by using one or a combination of the following options (PowerPoint is not an option because you probably already have a working understanding of that software):
    • Screencast
    • Prezi
    • Glogster
    • Podcast
    • ZohoShow
    • Other – Share something new
  • You may get creative with this project and explain your use of technology using a variety of methods. This is why I have included “other” above so that you may select your own or presentation tool
  • For submissions, please submit instructions (in the online text box) with a link or instructions on how to access your media presentation. If you can submit the media file directly, that is fine too.

Utilizing Technology in the office of Mr T ...

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